Synthesio Surveys

Real Answers From Real People

Eliminate guesswork and make decisions you can trust by tapping into consumer thinking. Reach a more complete consumer understanding with DIY surveys and representative panels.


Powered by Ipsos’ Validated Panels – Stop Guessing, Start Asking.

Brand Intelligence

Learn what your consumers think about you and your competition.

Media Intelligence

Ask your audience about their preferred channels and tone of voice.

Consumer Insights

Clarify between fads and genuine shifts in consumer thinking.

Product Intelligence

Fuel your product strategy with direct consumer feedback.


Respondent Quality: Trust and Confidence

Real answers from real people. Make confident decisions based on data you can trust:

– Access to Ipsos’ validated, representative panels and over 700 predefined templates.

– Respondent identity and history are validated and monitored. Respondents are real, fresh, and engaged.

– Bot detection and digital fingerprinting to detect duplicates.

Market Research Methodology: Capture the Consumer’s Voice

Design meaningful, expert surveys that capture the voice of your consumer:

– AI-powered question library ensures survey objectivity. Built by analyzing over 90,000 surveys.

– Access and consult with Ipsos’ Market Researchers for more custom and complex projects.

– Build sophisticated surveys by selecting open and close-ended question types and incorporating answer-logic.


Access Reporting, Fast: Make Consumer-Centric Decisions


Build your survey in minutes. Obtain results and access your dashboard in 1 to 2 days:

–  Offering an automated dashboard, native PPT, PDF, SPSS and Excel for users who want to dive deep into their data.

– Filter the results by demographics and specific answers from any of the survey questions.

– Start making faster, bolder, and more consumer-centric decisions.

Start Asking

Set-Up Your Study

Select your representative panel from 20+ markets.

Build Your Survey

Build your questions with our AI-powered library.

Launch and Ask

In minutes, launch and send your survey.

Access Reporting

Obtain results and reports in 1-2 days.

Humans are complex. The ability to solicit their thoughts provides another lens with which to analyze and better understand consumer motivations. By adding Surveys to our suite, we help brands reach total consumer understanding by capturing what consumers say, do, and now think.

Loic Moisand, CEO, Synthesio