Ipsos Social Intelligence Analytics (SIA) combines social intelligence expertise, Synthesio’s AI-enabled consumer intelligence platform, and the 17 service lines of Ipsos to provide a 360 degree view of people intelligence. 

Ipsos SIA is comprised of two groups: Advisory Services and Advanced Analytics.   

SIA Advisory Services offers fast and agile solutions including: 

  1. Interpretive Insights Workshops 
  2. Quick turnaround Social Pulse reports covering areas such as competitive intelligence, topic or issue exploration, campaign analysis, and content creation (e.g. newsletter, slides) 
  3. Customized Solutions 

SIA Advanced Analytics consists of leading researchers and data scientists that combine best-in-class research methodologies with cutting-edge AI, machine learning and data science techniques to generate innovative research reports. These following reports meet the needs of the marketplace: 

  1. Market Explorer: Explore motivations, unmet customer needs, and the changing landscape for your brand or category with a topic focus. 
  2. Innovation Spaces: Uncover innovation spaces and unlock future growth territories from emerging needs and consumer innovations. 
  3. Trend Radar: Gain insight and foresight on change drivers and the future impact of macro and micro trends in your category. 
  4. Brand Sonar: Obtain deeper levels of understanding of your brand and competitive set, including equity and motivations driving consumer engagement and decision making. 
  5. Product Intelligence: Unlock in-context product performance insights and critical satisfaction measures driving positive feedback and repeat purchase. 
  6. Digital Personas: Identify your audience’s lifestyles, interests, digital touchpoints, and media habits to connect with them in more authentic and powerful ways.
  7. Brand Signals Tracker: Enrich brand health programs with social data for consumer driven, real-time insights on your brand health. 
  8. Social Influencers: Identify, measure and rank the influencers driving your brand and product category.
  9. Campaign Performance: Understand engagement and performance of brand campaigns and/ or marketing activations. 
  10. Topic-Based Audience Discovery: Find your representative target audience on any topic, discover what they are saying and their nuanced sentiments, and identify trends & emerging themes. 
  11. Urgent Crisis Resolution: Obtain a critical pulse on an urgent issue or topic to rapidly inform your decision making. 
  12. Social Consumer Journey: Understand your consumer’s journey, highlight blind spots, uncover moments that matter, and explore key touch points and pain points. 

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