Synthesio’s platform provides dashboards for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing consumer insights across 600+ million sources and 80+ languages. Tap into the broadest set of online and offline data sources to monitor consumer behavior, detect trend signals, and keep up with competitors.

How are people thinking and talking about my category?

Next-gen artificial intelligence tracks trend signals, detects emerging themes, and captures your consumers’ authentic voice.

Audience Interests Dashboard

Who are the consumers I should target – and how do they behave?

Go beyond conversations with behavioral data. Uncover your audience’s affinities, hobbies, interests, and sociodemographics.

What are my competitors doing – and how do consumers perceive them?

Monitor and benchmark against competitors to see what channels, content, and messaging resonate most with consumers.


Synthesio gives easy access to rich insights on any audience. Beyond general interests, it allows us to get under the skin of specific customer segments and bring our personae to life. This way, we ensure that our marketing strategy and all of our initiatives are grounded in our consumers’ reality.

Rosa Halford, Global Insights Manager, Asahi International

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