With the power of our unique Topic Modeling trend discovery engine and expert-built predictive models, look beyond what consumers are saying and doing to how they’re likely to behave in the future. Supercharge your insights to move faster and capture market opportunities.

What’s top of mind for consumers? What are their unmet needs?

AI-powered theme detection automatically categorizes online conversations to surface hot topics and consumer needs.

trend detection with topic modeling
signals market research

What are the new ideas for innovative products or services?

Identify “lead users” and innovation opportunities in social data, and map your competitive landscape to identify market whitespace.

What trends or consumer behaviors are emerging?

State-of-the-art data science algorithms help you detect trend signals, identify shifts in interest and activity, and track topics over time.

fashion week timeline

Understanding how consumers are creating innovative solutions to satisfy their needs is a critical step in increasing our consumer understanding and becoming ever more “consumer obsessed”. This approach has helped us understand how leveraging social data can provide actionable, powerful insights on unmet needs and innovation opportunities.

james sallowsJames Sallows , Global Head of Transformation & Capability, Haleon (formerly GSK)

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