How We Help Brands

Tackle Business Challenges With Social Media Analytics & Social Intelligence

How Customers are Using Social Media Analytics & Social Intelligence 

Synthesio is a leader in the social media listening and social media analytics industry, providing scalable monitoring and analytics solutions to hundreds of leading brands and agencies around the globe. Our customers use us to cut through the social noise, find the conversations that matter, measure online reputation, manage consumer relationships and boost the ROI of their social activities.

Market Research

Understand Your Market. Analyze influential users, websites and content to understand consumer feedback and build targeted outreach.

Spot Trends and Opportunities as They Develop

  • Target your research with precise geolocation by country and city to zone in on the locations that matter to your business
  • Segment your audience by gender, age, language, location, interests and more to find actionable insights
  • Measure sentiment around your brand and products to understand how they are being perceived in the marketplace
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Brand Management

Boost Your Brand. Measure sentiment around your brand, products, services, and competitors with Social Reputation Score™ (SRS), SynthesioRank and more.

Monitor Brand Health and Market Presence

  • Understand how new users are discovering your brand and products to generate more targeted campaigns with lower attached costs
  • Track overall brand health and momentum with metrics on audience awareness, acquisition, activation and satisfaction
  • Analyze which users are converting into followers, fans, and ambassadors to identify new sales opportunities
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Audience Segmentation

Know Your Customers. Filter and sort your online audience to zone in on regional, time and topic-based segments.

Get to Know Every Slice of Your Audience

  • Segment by gender, age, interest, language and more
  • Analyze what’s being said about your brand on Facebook with Advanced Audience Analytics
  • Map connections between social users to understand common interests and behaviors
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Product & Campaign Launch

Measure Market Response. Monitor conversation volumes and share of voice around specific campaigns and products.

See How Consumers React to New Offerings

  • Track the distribution of conversation between social and mainstream sites
  • Measure conversation sentiment at the brand or product level
  • Filter your metrics by time period to zero in on audience reaction to a specific campaign, product launch or brand announcement
  • Identify brand interaction moments with image recognition
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Crisis Management

Protect Brand Reputation. Monitor conversations and sentiment around your brand and industry across all social and mainstream channels to detect and manage crises in real time.

Detect and Manage Crises Before They Escalate

  • Snapshot public sentiment around your brand in any location or language to catch negative situations before they escalate
  • Focus on the conversations that matter to your business, get ahead of the web and react in real time
  • Alert key individuals and teams when critical events occur online to stay ahead of negative situations
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Customer Management

See the 360° View. Deliver social data, insights, engagement and publishing capabilities to every department in your organization – automatically and in real time.

See the Complete View of Your Customer

  • Integrate with Salesforce, Hootsuite, Marketo, Spredfast and more to let your organization combine social data with tools already being used
  • Manage the 360-degree customer journey by connecting CRM, ERP, analytics tools and more to Synthesio via API or custom connectors
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