Social Listening for the Agency

Social Intelligence for Agency Success

Retain Accounts and Win New Business 

A global agency requires high-impact social insights and cutting-edge technology to retain customers and attract new business. Leading global agencies trust Synthesio to deliver the industry’s fastest, most accurate and deepest consumer insights from the social web with a powerful platform backed by a world-class customer support team. Synthesio also offers industry-leading thought leadership on use cases for social data, helping agency partners grow their accounts, prove ROI and accelerate their business.

Synthesio Agency

Retain Accounts & Win New Business for Your Agency

Winning new business and retaining accounts revolve around the same objective: delivering a targeted, industry-specific pitch with relevant information. Discover game-changing insights for all new business pitches with:

  • Global data coverage in 80+ languages and 197 countries
  • Quickly understand the tone of conversations with auto-sentiment in 21 ASA languages
  • Get insights from 36+ out-of-the-box social metrics in real-time
  • Track the consumer drivers behind brand performance and the competitive landscape
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Synthesio Beam Command Center Agency

Deliver Industry-Leading Social Insights

It’s important for agencies to consistently deliver value and insights to clients. Drive improved business results with insights on client markets and KPIs:

  • Measure social ROI, brand loyalty, share of voice, sentiment, influencers and more
  • Track brand and category trends with high-impact and fully customizable dashboards
  • Impress clients with real-time visualization of brand, category and campaign metrics
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Synthesio Social ROI Agency

Prove ROI & Drive Growth

It’s important for agencies to remain competitive and drive sustainable growth for your clients. Get the tools to truly understand consumers and markets for your current and future accounts:

  • The most accurate insights from the industry’s most advanced language analytics
  • Get the global view with data spanning 80+ languages and 197 countries
  • Spot trends and act quickly with the industry’s fastest and most precise platform
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Social Listening Agency

Educate Your Customers

Keep your account owners, stakeholder and client contacts in the know. Get the tools to aggregate, visualize and distribute social information, insights, and KPIs in real time:

  • Visualize and distribute social KPIs across the organization in real-time with Synthesio Beam
  • Get the global view with data spanning 80+ languages and auto-sentiment in 21 ASA languages
  • Be the first to act with the industry’s fastest and most precise platform
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The social web holds opportunity for leading global agencies. Want to see how the best-in-class social intelligence platform can help you capitalize?