Make Decisions With Your Consumers in Mind

Synthesio’s AI-enabled social intelligence structures the online voice of your consumers, helping you to identify and understand their ever-changing motivations, preferences, and attitudes.

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Social Intelligence Customer - Nestle
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In The Age of the Consumer

Brands face unique challenges

Spotlight on eCommerce

Explore the social data behind the explosive growth of online shopping.

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The Power of
AI-Enabled Social Intelligence

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How It Works

Total Consumer Understanding by Synthesio

Trace what your consumers say, do and think online

Listen and Monitor

Fast track your way to the organic voice of your consumer. Identify emerging topics and repeated consumer language.

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Synthesio's Social Intelligence helps you listen to consumer conversations and find new trends by surfacing social posts and clustering topics of conversation
AI-powered social intelligence finds volume and correlation spikes across your dataset

Spot and Qualify

AI captures what you’d otherwise miss, alerting you to noteworthy shifts in conversation.

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Identify Affinities

Go beyond conversations. Uncover what makes your audience tribes unique and connected.

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By looking at what people do online, Synthesio's Social Intelligence surfaces your audiences affinities, such as interests in pizza, star war, and gaming as examples.
Synthesio's Social Intelligence surveys allow you to ask questions directly to your consumers, like if they plan to renew a subscription, for example.

Ask Questions

Eliminate guesswork. Send digital surveys and find out what consumers really think.

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Report and Decide

Build custom widgets, share internally, and start making consumer-centric decisions at scale.

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Synthesio's social intelligence allows you to build custom reports and email to your teammates.

Introducing Audiences

Now you can uncover conversational and behavioral insights in one place.

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