Social media marketing is constantly evolving, and marketing technology is changing at a rapid pace. New tactics, strategies, and acronyms arise every day. To be a rockstar marketer you need to keep up with the most current industry trends and the latest and greatest social media technologies. But being an expert in those aren’t enough, while you need to be able to walk the walk, you also must talk the talk. To help you learn how to talk like an expert digital marketer, we’ve put together a list of essential acronyms that you will need to know and use during marketing meetings, conference, and professional conversations. Whether you’re new to the marketing industry or just need a refresher, this one’s for you:

  • API: Application Programming Interface
  • B2B: Business to Business
  • B2C: Business to Consumer
  • BR: Bounce Rate
  • CTA: Call to Action
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management
  • CX: Customer Experience
  • ISP: Internet Service Provider
  • KPI: Key Performance Indicator
  • PPC: Pay Per Click
  • PV: Page Views
  • RFI: Request For Information
  • RFP: Request For Proposal
  • ROI: Return on Investment, Return on Impact
  • RWD: Responsive Web Design
  • SaaS: Software as a Service
  • WOM: Word of Mouth
  • YTD: Year to Date


Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below! For further social marketing reading, check out our new post: Top Back to School Books for the Social Marketer.