It’s officially Halloweekend! Let the Halloween costumes, candies and celebration commence.

We used our Social Listening platform to look into which Halloween costumes people are talking about online. We measured the social Share of Voice (SOV) of political costumes, the top searched costumes on Google and common North America’s favorite classic Halloween costumes.

Checking out our findings below!


Top Political Costumes by Social SOV:


Donald Trump had a whopping 68.82% of the political costume social share of voice. Be prepared to see lots of Donald trump costumes walking around. And costume companies should invest in creating more Donald Trump costumes as the demand is high! Or even Hillary Clinton. A social listening tool can help in market research and determine where to invest your money. And even, what the consumers want!


The Top Costumes Searched on Google:

social-listening-predicts-2016-halloween-costumes-google search

With the cloud fad rampant across the United States, it was not surprising to see clowns as the most talked about costume for this section. And coming in second and third are witches and star wars. Who knew? Prepare for your Instagram feed to be filled with the three costume choices. And halloween stores might even want to keep a variety of the three costumes in stock for halloweekend.

Classic Costumes by Social SOV:


Ghosts, cats and zombies! Oh my! Vampires and princesses are also high in demand according to our social listening tool. Out of all the classic costumes, many retailers may want to consider designing and sourcing designs around the three.

Thanks to our social listening tool, we were able to detect the top costume trends for 2016. Companies can benefit from a tool like ours as it easily nit-picks the trending costumes. And be sure to fulfill the demands of the people! What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Tell us in the comments section below!