Your employees are your best asset, so finding effective strategies for recruiting rock star talent that fits your company culture is a top priority. There are some great ways to leverage social media for recruiting employees, and smart, forward-thinking brands across almost every industry are finding new and innovative ways to use social media to target and research potential candidates while providing useful and exciting content with their communities to showcase their company culture. In fact, 92% Of U.S. companies are now using social media for recruitment.

Drive Traffic and Engagement to Your Careers Page

Many brands have separate Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts, exclusively dedicated to sharing relevant content and engaging with potential candidates, while ultimately driving traffic to their corporate careers page.


Intuit drives traffic and engagement to their careers page by actively posting and engaging on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, ‘where the candidates live.’ Intuit supplements these networks with efforts like blogging and live chats to create ‘buzz’ and ‘conversation’ around their employer brand.

Seek Out Potential Candidates With Social Listening

Leveraging a social media monitoring platform for recruiting is an effective way seek out potential candidates and gain feedback around the public’s perception around your brand as an employer. Listen and monitor for relevant hashtags and keywords around the your industry and the roles you are hiring for, and with some platforms you can even geotarget your search to find qualified talent in specific locations. You can also monitor what people are saying about your brand or your advertised positions to help you improve your social recruitment marketing campaigns


Share Content That Highlights Your Company Culture

Use social media to highlight your company’s positive contributions, interesting projects, company culture and your people. YouTube videos can give potential job applicants a unique insight into the people and the company culture, and company blogs are great for showcasing accomplishments and highlighting employee expertise.


Showing a very happy and motivated staff, Sodexo has an active YouTube channel. They communicate Sodexo news and accomplishments as well as and showcasing their contributions to the community and their company culture. The most viewed videos are “Making every day a better day” (35,422 views) and “Spirit of Mentoring Video” (13,408 views).

Encourage Your Social Media Savvy Employees to Spread the Word

Referrals have the highest probability to result in a mutual fit for employer and employee – with the highest rated candidates coming from referrals, headhunting and internal transfers. Put together a campaign to encourage your employees to promote your job openings on their own social media channels.


How does your brand leverage social media for recruiting?