fashionLast year, social media marketing agency, Room24, put together a list of the top 50 Fashion brands on social media. Their list was ranked according to the total number of fans on Facebook and Twitter. We dug a little deeper to find out how the top five Fashion brands have been leveraging social media to generate such massive online communities around their brands.

Here are a few effective strategies from the top fashion brands on social media:

Develop an Effective, Timely Content Marketing Strategy – Converse

Converse has a dynamic and spontaneous content strategy that includes posts about products and content that sparks conversation about relevant topics of the day. A couple years ago,  they posted a design-your-own shoe contest inspired by the Double Rainbow guy, just as his youtube video was going viral. Converse have a flexible and timely content marketing strategy – which results in providing relevant, engaging content to their community, and keeping the conversation going.


Launch Engaging Social Media Campaigns – Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is consistently implementing creative social media campaigns that effectively generate huge social buzz and engagement around their brand. For their spring break social media campaign, #pinktruck, they visited college campuses around the US. VSPink tweeted where they were going each day with the hashtag #pinktruck, and the local students could respond to the tweet with which campus they would like the truck to visit – and the campus with the most tweets would be next on the itinerary. When they arrived at each campus, VSPink stuffed dogs were hidden around the campus, and those who found them won a prize, while those who checked- into the truck via foursquare received some spring break swag.


“Post A Pick-Up Line” was another unique social media campaign from Victoria’s Secret. In this clever Valentine’s Day campaign, fans could send a flirty note to their Facebook friends with “lines inspired by our new Pick-Up Panty Collection.” The pick- up lines were short, humorous and cheeky — perfect for sharing on social media.

Post-Rich Imagery – Zara

Zara posts official brand content pretty infrequently -however, they focus more on sharing rich images of their latest collections, especially on Pinterest. They rarely engage on their social channels, but instead, let the clothes do the talking. They’ve somehow built a huge online community around their brand (almost 19,000 fans across their social channels) with a very passive approach to social media – in addition to Zara’s own social media accounts, there are numerous blogs dedicated to Zara fashions.


Provide Real-Time Customer Service – Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss is an incredibly engaging brand on social media, especially Twitter. On top of consistently replying to pretty much every mention on Twitter, they go above and beyond. They provide excellent customer service in real-time, in a warm, casual and fun tone – a nice consistent extension of their brand image. Levi’s has an enthusiastic engaging social presence, and it’s not hard to see how they are one of the top five brands on social media.


Provide a Top of the Line Interactive Experience – Burberry

Burberry has been regarded as one of the most forward-thinking luxury brands in the world for years now, and they certainly live up to this image by bringing their community a top of the line social media/interactive experience. For example, they unveiled their 2012 collection to their online community on Twitter and Instagram right before it hit the runway. The show was also live-streamed on Burberry’s YouTube channel.