AgenciesAgencies are already leveraging social media monitoring for clients, but are you really getting the most out of it? Here are a few ways to take advantage of the tremendous benefits of social media listening for your clients and your agency.

Market Research and Customer Feedback

Expensive market research programs are no longer the be-all end-all for agencies in search of customer intelligence. Social listening now enables agencies to tap into customer insights on the social web that will arm them with the tools to create better client campaigns, more effective content marketing, and glean feedback for improving product and service development.

Monitor product keywords to find out find out what customers are saying about new products, and you can even take it a step further and analyze and measure the sentiment around the product keywords.

Discover Ideas for Content Marketing

Get your finger on the pulse of what’s trending and gather inspiration for timely campaign and content ideas. Understand the landscape – find out where your client`s community lives (forums, blogs, Twitter etc) and promote your content and reach them accordingly. Listening to the language your client’s customers and community use will help you understand and speak their language when it comes to messaging and tone.

Provide Customer Service in Real Time

Seek out customer issues and help clients resolve customer issues before they escalate – in real time.

Keep Tabs on Your Client’s Competitors

Monitor your client`s competitors to understand how your clients can gain a competitive edge. Compare your client’s share of voice on social media with their competitors to help you understand and improve your client’s position in the market.

Show Success Through Reporting

Track and measure the buzz generated by your client’s campaigns and content marketing efforts and provide social media reporting customized to your client’s unique needs and business objectives.

Leverage a tool like Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score as a means to find the link between brand reputation, share of voice, and brand loyalty – in turn creating a benchmark score that can be shared at board level and connected with overall performance.

Generate Leads

Generate new leads by monitoring conversations about prospective clients, online conversations discussing agencies and people actively looking for agency referrals. With some tools, you can even narrow your search down by geolocation, if you are looking for prospects in specific areas.

To create a strong RFP and be fully prepared to pitch – use social listening to thoroughly understand your prospective client’s target audience and their industry’s social landscape.

Did we miss anything? How does your agency make the most out of social media monitoring? Let us know in the comments! For more info on social media monitoring best practices- check out our ebook – The Quick Start Guide to Social Media Monitoring