Innovation is hard work, particularly when it comes to integrating new advanced data suite offerings in an already robust product. The Synthesio technology team has been quite busy over the last few months developing new ways to expand the breadth of our advanced data crawling. On the surface, it might seem easy to hook up to a new data source, after all, it’s basically just hooking up some digital pipes and valves. But for Synthesio, it’s not just about opening a connection to new data. What we focus on is the bigger picture, we ask critical questions like:

  • Who is this new advanced data suite beneficial for?
  • Why is it useful?
  • How can the data be leveraged to solve our client’s business problems?

In answering these questions, we determine the most optimal use cases for each new data source so that we’re ready to strategically advise our clients on the best practices for getting the most out of their shiny new sources of information.

With all of that in mind, we launched a new data suite offerings today that include:

  • Official Reddit Firehose access
  • Consumer Reviews from the top e-commerce and B2B sites on the web
  • Enhanced logo recognition powered by visual listening pioneers, Netra
  • A new relationship which will enrich our future offerings with both interaction and audience data directly from Twitter

The true value of each new source of advanced data lies in its relationship to a specific use case. These use cases are frameworks for what clients hope to get out of Synthesio dashboards. Simply put, each use case answers a business question, so what business questions do our new data sources answer?

Campaign Analysis

Reddit is the unofficial front page of the internet, a highly trafficked forum and one of the most popular web destinations in the world. Our new ‘firehose’ relationship opens the door to more than 100,000 of the most popular discussions on the network. But Reddit isn’t for everyone, the chatter on the site is best leveraged by clients in the entertainment, technology and video game industries.

So why is Reddit data important to campaign analysis for the aforementioned business verticals? Passionate, die-hard fans and consumers make up the core of Reddit’s contributing audience. A marketing campaign for a new product or release will typically generate a lot of shared links and promotional material on social media, whereas Reddit contributors use the site’s bare-bones text layout and anonymous posting to share feedback detailing their experiences, opinions, and gripes. The qualitative volume generated by Reddit is the holy grail of market intelligence for those looking for granular details about the public’s likes and dislikes.

Crisis Management

Crises typically follow semi-predictable patterns. If a crisis breaks on mainstream media, it explodes on social. If a crisis breaks on social, it’s a slower burn, with mainstream media amplifying crisis messaging over a longer period of time. However, crises do not need to begin on mainstream publications or social networks. In fact, crises for many CPG and retail brands often begins at the source, the destination site where users originally discovered and purchased an item.

Consumers who are unhappy with a product might go to social media to complain in a public forum where their negative messaging is often lost in the constant stream of new postings. However, consumers who write long-form content on review portals and e-commerce product pages have a much higher chance of creating a crisis for a brand. Negative reviews live forever, often times on the page that should be selling a product’s value proposition. The inclusion of thousands of new review sites and e-commerce pages will allow our clients to spot potential crises at the point of purchase.

Brand Intelligence

Finally, we come to the catch-all of brand intelligence. Every company should be concerned with how the public views their brands and products, and the internet is obviously the place where modern consumers go to praise or besmirch. However, it’s quite evident that digital content has trended away from text and moved towards imagery as smart phones became more ubiquitous. So, when consumers are posting about your brand or products, they might not actually be using the vocabulary that you are searching for. That’s because the new vocabulary is visual, and in order to get a full picture of your brand’s online health, you need to be able to monitor when your brand logo appears in both positive and negative situations on the web.

For example, attendees at a sporting event might post thousands of pictures of your logo and signage, and visual listening lets you pick up those mentions so that you can get a complete picture of the impact of your sponsorship on your overall brand intelligence. On the other hand, brand intelligence can suffer as a result of inappropriate logo alteration. Visual listening lets you keep track of these off-brand images so your crisis team can begin the cease and desist process, and subsequently gauge what kind of impact pirate imagery has on overall brand intelligence.

This new data suite sources are available immediately for all Synthesio users, so if you want to see how this advanced data offering from Synthesio can help you and your brand, then feel free to reach out and request a demo.