I recently wrote a blog post about how you can use Social Listening to better understand your audience and to derive impactful Audience Insights, but those tips were just a starting point for how to utilize Audience Insights in your social media marketing campaigns. The next step is knowing how to take those Audience Insights and use them to answer the question that looms over every campaign that every marketer has ever worked on: “How can you measure the campaign’s effectiveness?”

When measuring your campaigns, there are many different approaches you can take, from the very targeted direct look at each specific segment of your campaign to the overall general view. However, if you want to really know just how impactful or not so impactful your marketing efforts have been, it’s crucial to use a Social Listening tool to derive useful Audience Insights that can help you measure the specific customers and audience that is seeing and interacting with your product. To measure campaign effectiveness, I looked at three different ways that our customers use Audience Insights to understand how their campaigns are performing.


Age Demographics
Among the many different things that you can do when you utilize Audience Insights, is to divide your audience up by their age and strategically target your campaign in a personalized way that would resonate well with the specific section of your consumers that you are reaching out to.

Example: If you’re a consumer brand, it’s crucial to know what your target demographic thinks about your brand, product, messaging, etc., and that is only possible when you can take a deep look into that age group. Using age demographics also allows you to see if there are other age groups you didn’t realize would be interested in your product. You can see how they resonate with your brand and modify how you measure the success of reaching your target demographic, as well as bringing in new demographics.

Global Effects
A campaign can perform well overall, but if you’re a global brand you need to know the specifics of how you’re reaching everyone, everywhere. By just simply knowing that the overall campaign did well or poorly won’t help you learn where you need to target your efforts or where you need to change your messaging.

Example: An automotive customer of ours thought that one of their recent campaigns was a complete failure. However, after their initial campaign measurement was met with complete dissatisfaction, they decided to look deeper into the numbers to see how they can avoid the same mistakes in the future. This caused them to discover other ways to measure their campaigns and they found something very interesting geographically. They focused their largest efforts and attention to the U.S., and that is where the campaign didn’t resonate well. However, throughout Europe and Asia, their campaign performed incredibly well and generated great results. In fact, if not for how many resources were used in the U.S., the campaign would have been a huge success, however the U.S. results skewed the end results. Obviously, from this, they learned that when measuring the impact of any campaign, they needed to utilize Social Listening to look into how their campaign performed geographically — something that can only be done when segmenting your consumers through powerful Audience Insights.

Real-Time Campaign Refreshes and Targeting
Building off of both examples, using Audience Insights to measure the impact of your campaign is incredibly important to something you’ve probably read on this very blog before, monitoring and benchmarking your campaign results throughout the active campaign, and using the information to refresh your marketing efforts in real-time.

Example: One of our digital entertainment customers regularly uses age and geographic demographics that they derive through their Audience Insights to not just benchmark their overall results, but to see the impact that their campaigns are having and measure everything they can. For example, when they discover that 31-39 year olds living in Northern Europe aren’t resonating with their campaign language, or the campaign overall, this brand strategically modified the messaging and branding for that specific area and targeted them with custom-marketing efforts that will help ensure positive campaign results. This type of strategic and personalized marketing campaigns are only capable when you understand exactly who you are talking to, what they are thinking, what they like and what they don’t like. That is something that is only possible through generating Audience Insights through the use of a proper Social Listening tool.

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