At Synthesio, we’re constantly updating our Social Intelligence platform to make sure that customers are able to derive strategic and actionable insights from a massive amount of Social Data. With that in mind, we recently updated the platform with the capacity to give customers a deeper view of the people talking about their brand, making it even easier to leverage Audience Insights to make strategic decisions.

What’s New?
Our new Audience Insights Filters give users the ability to narrow down mentions at the gender, age and affinity levels. We’ve also expanded our demographic capabilities to cover all platforms that allow us to extract publicly available demographic data from user bios.

Among the new filters, our Social Listening customers can now filter all widgets across the platform by:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Affinities
    • Including, but not limited to:
      • Automotive
      • Fashion & Beauty
      • Science
      • Sports
      • Politics
      • Food & Drink
      • Technology
      • Music

How Does This Help?
Audience Insights provide a clearer, well-defined snapshot of the audience segments talking about your brand. For example, now you can compare overall sentiment by gender, to see if your brand messaging is having a greater emotional impact on men or women. Or you can segment brand advocates by affinities, so you know what kinds of content will resonate in future communications. Benchmarking and then tracking share of voice by age group allows you to track whether your demo-targeted campaigns have been effective over time. Audience Insights will help you create more meaningful and strategic campaigns and marketing materials.

Want to see our new Audience Insights in action? Click below to get a demo and learn everything about your audience that you’ve been missing.