For those in the gaming industry, Australia can be as daunting as facing a big boss with no ammo in your arsenal. Since the original Xbox premiered in 2001, Microsoft has waged a constant battle with competitor Sony and their PlayStation console. In Australia, where 68% of the population plays video games and 98% of homes with children have game consoles, the traditional retail gaming industry contributes $1.24 billion to the lucky country’s economy. So how can video game developers and retailers better meet the needs of their existing customers while winning new audiences into the gaming realm?

Synthesio’s audience insights tool can analyze social media users based on their interests and returns granular personas of the customers that matter most to the gaming industry in Australia. Take a look at the infographic below:

The most compelling data points that surfaced in this analysis were the high percentage of females who play Xbox in Australia and the intense geographic cluster of users of the same platform in Queensland. While the PlayStation Australia analysis might not reveal too many surprises, in that the audience is predominantly male and interested in sports and science fiction, a deeper look at the data revealed some compelling insights about the consumers who power the gaming industry in Australia. For example, the top games for each platform reveal that Xbox fans are more devoted to the recurring revenue cycle of continuing game series.

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