Heard of BTS? If you are a female between 18-24 yrs, who spends way too much time with your iPhone on Instagram and BuzzFeed, chances are you have. You are probably even a fan. How do I know this? Well, with the help of Profiler, our audience profiles tool which uses (anonymous) demographic and interests data from the largest social media platforms. It tells you what your target audience likes to watch and read and wear, what brands and technology they like and so on.

For those who’ve not heard of the BTS phenomenon, let me enlighten you. They’re a hugely popular, 7 member K-Pop band aka Bangtan Boys. Over time they’ve acquired a massive fan following not just in Asia but in other parts of the world too. See this video of BTS performing on The Ellen Show and their interview with Jimmy Fallon.

I was curious to find out what type of people are interested in this band in a country outside of Asia and if people interested in them were very different from fans of another hugely popular western boy band. I chose to profile people between 15-28 yrs, both male and female, living in United States and interested in BTS and One Direction (an English-Irish boy band, also hugely popular).

Taking a quick look at the data, helped me profile their audiences. Here’s a dipstick look at them…



It was interesting to note that the audience size for BTS was much higher than that for One Direction. I’d assumed it would be close but turns out, BTS has a much bigger fan base in the US (btw BTS fans are known as the army – really!). Other than that, the audience profiles of the two bands look similar. Obviously, females form the majority.

Also note that Instagram is the top social media platform that this set of people like to spend time on, overtaking Facebook. This was pretty much expected and further confirms that younger folks are moving away from the flagship platform. Meanwhile, Snapchat is still in the top social platforms being used by this group.

In terms of watching content, online streaming services Netflix and Hulu take 2 out of the top 3 spots. And it looks like BuzzFeed and TMZ have them hooked.

And they love their iPhones, Vans and most probably their torn jeans.

So if you were, let’s say a canvas shoes company and wanted to reach out to 18-24 yrs females in the US and were wondering if you should sponsor a BTS concert. The answer is Yes. If your pocket allows, you could bring them in as brand ambassadors. You would give them your canvas shoes and a pair of torn jeans and place ads (vertical video/story ads for smartphones) or better still creative content on platforms like Instagram and BuzzFeed. You would probably even let them take over your IG account for a day. If your shoes are really good, they would sell because your TG’s favorite boy band also wears them.

Of course, you can start at a broad level and explore the other way around, by asking what is my target audience interested in? Not just based on what people were saying or liking but also based on what social pages they visit, what type of videos they watch, what type of posts they click on and what they browse on the web. So cool, right?

Request a personalised demo of our audience profiles tool today – and enjoy this record breaking BTS music video!


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