The Champions League final has arrived. It is happening this Saturday in Madrid. This year the match will oppose two major UK teams: Tottenham vs. Liverpool. Football is the most watched sport in the UK thus a very lucrative opportunity for brands to promote themselves. Many leading brands fight to have their share in football sponsorship and new opportunities for exposure are emerging, such as VAR breaks advertising, meaning that sponsors will soon be even more present during match broadcasting. Brands  also benefit from sponsoring individual teams. Liverpool, for example, has more than 20 partners and sponsors.

Thanks to our audience insights tool Profiler, we’ve conducted audience research to find out more about Tottenham and Liverpool fans’ interests. Our tool can uncover which brands fans prefer. It will show which brands should sponsor each team as well as other crucial insights. Let’s find out more…

Audience research: Who are Liverpool and Tottenham fans?

Overall, both teams’ fans are mostly men aged between 18 and 34. However, Liverpool has a more balanced gender ratio then Tottenham. Women represent 43% of Liverpool fans whereas Tottenham’s female fans are only 33%. This is important to consider since most sponsors tend to target men first with their campaigns yet, in this case, they should also take into account female fans. For both fans, unsurprisingly football is their favourite sport. But they also show a significant interest in boxing and basketball. Therefore brands targeting football fans can also reach out to them through sponsoring of basketball teams or boxers.


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Which media mix to choose?

Choosing the right media outlet to target fans is crucial for sponsors. Nowadays, football players are very influential off the pitch, with huge social media followings. With millions of fans seeing their posts and pictures daily, many brands now choose to sponsor individual players. For Liverpool and Tottenham fans, their most used media is social media and TV. More specifically, they prefer Facebook and Instagram. When it comes to TV, Liverpool fans are highly interested in Liverpool FC TV. Both teams’ fans enjoy Sky Sports. Therefore brands should focus their efforts on this channel. Surprisingly, their favorite players are Messi and Ronaldo despite neither playing for Liverpool or Tottenham. With their joint 290 million followers, these two players represent significant partnership opportunities for brands.

What are their favorite brands?

Our audience research tool shows that both teams’ fans prefer sports and leisure brands over any other type. Indeed they’re showing a high interest for Nike, Adidas, and Champion. However, Liverpool fans don’t seem to be highly interested in New Balance, which is surprising since the brand is the official team kit provider. Nike and Adidas are already partnering with several football teams as they’ve understood how valuable it is for them. However, Champion should think about reinforcing its football sponsoring, especially with these two teams.

Which events to sponsor?

The football season is filled with several competitions throughout the year. Therefore, sponsors have to choose which events are the most beneficial. Both Liverpool and Tottenham fans show a high interest in these three: the Premier League, Champions League, and Europa League. However, Tottenham fans are also highly interested by Serie A, the Italian championship. Therefore, brands targeting Tottenham fans can also reach out to them by sponsoring Serie A. 


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