The Australian Millennials will soon be the largest Australian age group, accounting for approximately 54% of their population by 2030. Most countries see a rise in their Millennial age group from natural population growth. Australia, on the other hand, has an increase in Millennial population due to the high migration of Generation Y from other countries. This increase in migration puts Australia as a highly influential and desired place for this cohort.

We used Profiler to study the characteristics of this rising demographic and the Millennials migrating to Australia. This study is just an example of how marketers can examine different audiences and adapt their targeting efforts to better meet their audiences wants and desires.


Female Australian Millennials

The average female Australian Millennial tends to work in the sales or administrative services industry. They watch Arena and Nickelodeon and read magazines such as Glamour and Ebony. This indicates that they have strong interests in fashion trends, beauty, and entertainment news. We also found that Australian Millennial females prefer going to parties 20.1% more than their affinity for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Female Australian Millennials enjoy traveling to Aruba and use Airbnb and Skyscanner to plan their vacations. Their favorite product and service brands include MAC Cosmetics,, and Venus. They drink Voss water and Smirnoff. Australian female Millennials prefer Justin Bieber 10.6% more than Taylor Swift. This indicates that they prefer contemporary R&B and pop music over country music. They are also likely to drive a Chevrolet Cruze or a Mazda CX-5. Causes they tend to care about include UNICEF and animal welfare.


Male Australian Millennials

However, male Australian Millennials are entirely different. They tend to work in production and installation and repair services industries. They enjoy listening to Eminem, The Game, and Kanye West. They watch Fox Sports, ESPN, and CNN and favor reading GQ and the Herald Sun. Male Australian Millennials are interested in the National Basketball Association and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Red Bull and Monster Energy are among their top favorite drinks. When traveling, they prefer to go to the United States and use STA Travel or Cheapflights to help them find the best travel prices.

Male Australian Millennials frequently shop at Foot Locker and Vans. Their favored product and service brands include Xbox, KFC, and IGN. They enjoy playing video games either online or via a console and like entertainment media. They also care strongly about the law, religion, and the military.


Audience insights, like these around Australian Millennials, give marketers an improved understanding of this target age group. With these insights, companies can make better marketing decisions, leading to a more effective strategy. For more information on Australian Millennials, download our guide on Asia-Pacific Millennial Characteristics.