BB Cream is one of the hottest cosmetic products talked about on social media. Forget the serums, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock – because, who really has the time? BB Cream, also referred to as blemish balm and beauty balm, claims to be lighter and better for skin compared to foundations. Originally developed in Germany and then brought over to Korea and other East Asian markets, BB Cream is the product almost everyone wants to try. But, is all the hype for this all-in-one beauty product due to brilliant cosmetic marketing?

People seem to be convinced that BB Cream is the better alternative to foundation and is the product for their skin type. While this may or may not be true, we turned to social media to see how people actually feel about the to BB Creams on the market.

Media Share of Voice

Using social listening, we were able to determine that 46.87% of people mainly turned to Twitter to share disappointment in the various BB Creams. The most common Tweets included terms like “not a fan”, “I prefer the original BB Cream better”, “what happened to the formula”, “greasy”, “weird grey ashy look”, and “wanted to love this”. This shows that people are using Twitter as a community to inform other people thinking about using BB Cream about the experience they had.

Instagram is also being used, but not to vent about how the products didn’t work out. 14.41% of people are using this platform to show various cosmetic layouts and full looks. One reason Instagram is ranking higher for media type share of voice over YouTube could be that people prefer short-form content and full look pictures compared to a step-by-step video.

Consumer opinions account for 10.53% of total mentions. People are turning to consumer opinions to see how the BB Cream applies to skin, the type of coverage, and to see if the shade would match their skin tone. This could be a big factor in if they decide to purchase the BB Cream. If a lot of reviews mention that the BB Cream oxidized or broke their skin out, people would be less likely to try it based off of other people’s reviews in a trusted forum or community.

Forums and communities play in important part in people’s search for the right BB Cream. Top communities include beauty, lifestyle, and luxury. Sephora reviews are the most popular forum. People in these forums are mainly talking about Dr. Jart+, Laneige, and Clinique Acne Solutions.

Topic Share Of Voice

So, which BB Cream are people talking the most about? Maybelline, but that doesn’t mean that what people are saying are all positive comments. According to our Social Reputation Score (SRS), the rising BB Cream is LaRoche-Posay with 88.22% of positive conversation volume and only 1.59% negative mentions. While Maybelline is the most talked about, it seems as though LaRoche-Posay has the best reputation online.

So how does media share of voice, and social reputation score relate to cosmetic marketing? The beauty industry is constantly growing, and so are the marketing strategies. Cosmetic marketing techniques can shape the way consumers view a trending beauty product such as BB Cream. The cosmetic marketing strategy for BB Cream promises to be an “all-in-one” beauty product. Using social intelligence to look at media share shows what platforms people are talking about BB Cream on and shows specifically what they are talking about. This can help brands determine where to put most of their media effort and problems they may need to address with their consumers. Social reputation score helps brands monitor their ‘popularity’ on social media and their brand standing in comparison to others in their category.

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