Social Media allows cosmetic brands to debut new products to their followers and create exposure around their brand. Well known beauty marketing Influencers and fashion bloggers like Emily Weiss and Chriselle Lim, turn to social media to promote cosmetic and skincare products they trust and love.

Social media provides many beauty marketing opportunities, however, it also presents some challenges. In the competitive beauty industry, cosmetic marketers need to cut through the noise by producing compelling content that resonates with their audience. Beauty marketers also need to keep up with trends to stay relevant while monitoring customer feedback so they can constantly optimize product development to suit consumer’s diverse and ever-changing needs.

Emily Weiss, the founder of a trending beauty brand, Glossier, started out as an influential beauty blogger. Her blog is called Into the Gloss, which had a loyal fan base of engaged readers with interests in skin care and cosmetics products.

After launching Glossier in October of 2014, its products sold out immediately with a waitlist of over 10,000 customers hoping to purchase the products. This was a great start for her company, and the biggest challenge she faced in the beginning, was keeping up with the high demand from her consumers.



What made Glossier’s beauty marketing so successful?

Emily had a large following of engaged readers who trusted her opinion as a thought leader and influencer in the beauty industry and became Glossier customers as a result. This online following would then rave about her products either through their own blogs, or post photos on Instagram to their own followers. This was a perfect example of word of mouth beauty marketing in action on social media.

How can other brands learn from this?
  • Create compelling content. If consumers like what they see they will most likely subscribe to your blog or follow you on social media, creating exposure around your products and keeping your brand front of mind.

  • Include special offers, promotions and/or events that can generate buzz. This will help your brand/ blog gain significant traction and buzz, and this is the best way to grow your audience.

  • Respond to both positive and negative feedback. Doing so will build credibility around your brand and create a two-way conversation. According to Vendasta, responding to positive feedback can affect and improve search and SEO rankings, and in turn, generate new customers. Responding to negative feedback also gives the brand an opportunity to understand customer’s perceptions around their brand and products, so they can improve and optimize their products.

  • Update social media pages frequently. This will inform your audience and customers about any new information on your brand and products. This also maintains the two-way conversations that social media provides for you and your customers. Additionally, update your page with relevant industry news and articles, and not just information about you and your brand, to bolster your reputation as a thought leader within your industry.



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