In the highly competitive beauty industry, cosmetics brands have to be incredibly creative and innovative to gain an edge on the competition and drive awareness and engagement around their campaigns and products. This competitive landscape makes for some truly engaging and creative beauty marketing strategies. The top leading beauty brands have paved the way with carefully crafted strategies that have set their brand and products apart from the rest.

Here are a few top beauty marketing strategies to bake into your own social campaigns, or to make sure your brand is cutting through the noise and leveraging social media to its utmost potential.

Leverage Influencers

Beauty Marketing Leverage Influencers

These days, leveraging influencers is one of the most important beauty marketing strategies. Influencers have thousands, or sometimes millions, of dedicated followers. And, sometimes the influencers that are most important to your brand are the ones that have a smaller, yet dedicated following. If marketers feature products on a beauty influencer’s page, this provides them with an entire list of engaged social media users who already have an interest in beauty products.

Mac Cosmetics does an amazing job at promoting their products through influencer marketing. They recently worked with Gabriel Zamora and sent him many different products to feature and share in his posts. This is a multi-post project that has received thousands of comments and likes.

Host TweetChats

Beauty Marketing Host TweetChats

Social media users love to participate in TweetChats because it allows them to talk about topics that are of interest to them, engage with users that have these same interests and increase their own following. This is a great way to build credibility and get noticed on social media as an expert in the topic.

In this TweetChat, Lush Cosmetics partnered with the founder of Fin Free to create public awareness about shark conservation. They promoted the #FinFree chat across their corporate social media channels and were able to spread awareness around a great cause that aligned with the brand’s own eco-friendly image, to their large following.

Feature Different Product Offerings

Beauty Marketing Product Offerings

Some beauty marketers are able to look at their social media channels, especially Instagram, like a virtual shopping experience. They feature different variations of products to show how they pair together. For example, they can show how a lipstick can match eyeshadow and sometimes even an outfit.

In the above example, Tarte Cosmetics shows off their new Rainforest of the Sea collection. This post is special because it doesn’t just show an image of one lipstick in the collection, but they feature many different shades in the collection. They had a very positive reaction to this post, even had people saying “I want them all!”

Drive Event Interest

Beauty Marketing Drive Event Interest
Social media provides you with a free platform to communicate with your community. Just like any other industry, beauty brands host events where they feature their products and offerings and they can promote their events on their social channels

The above event is a great example to show how a beauty brand, like Smashbox Cosmetics, is able to use their Facebook page to promote one of their upcoming events at Sephora. Users can then invite their friends, share on their Facebook page that they’re going or even share that they are interested the event and want to go. This event even features a cosmetics influencer who would potentially draw an even larger crowd and following.

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