The banking industry is by far one of the most important parts of a country’s economy. With Canadian banks being one of the safest banking systems on earth, two of the Big Five have risen to the top making the list of the 20 biggest banks globally. Royal Bank and Toronto-Dominion Bank are dominating the financial industry of Canada and beyond. We decided to use our audience insights platform, Profiler, to take a look at who was using these financial institutions, and how their online audiences differ.

We conducted a parallel analysis on both Royal Bank and TD Bank audiences using Profiler’s deep audience insights from social data to get a better understanding of their audience’s favorite entertainment, media, and top retail brands. These Canadian bank audience insights can help companies like Royal Bank and TD Bank find detailed information about their customers and online fan base.



Profiler selected the entertainment categories with the highest affinity among both bank audiences. Canadian banks audience insights show that Royal Bank and TD Bank customers both enjoy photography, reading newspapers, and watching martial arts films, which indicates they collectively have a creative persona. Royal Bank customers are more interested in dancing, gambling, and Bollywood movies which shows that they are active and crave excitement. TD Banks customers show a profound interest in Channing Tatum, listening to pop music, and watching House.


Favorite Media

Taking a look at the Canadian bank audience insights, we noticed a strong correlation between their preferred media channels. Both bank audience’s use Roger Communications, watch CTV News Channel and read Business Insider. This indicates that they are well informed on business verticals and stay up-to-date on current events. Also, Royal Bank customers watch Global Television Network and read Toronto Star and the National Post. TD Bank’s audience watches The Weather Network, E-News and reads UNILAD. This suggests that TD Bank customers are concerned with not only global and local news, but enjoy popular pop culture content.


Top Retail Brands

The Royal Bank and TD Bank audiences have different inclinations when it comes to their preferred retail brands. According to the Canadian bank audience insights we gathered by using Profiler, the affinity level for KitchenAid, Michael Kors, and Saks Fifth Avenue rank most popular amongst Royal Bank’s customers. This indicates that they appreciate high-end products and are attune to trends. Profiler also uncovered their preferences for The Home Depot, Costco, Sportchek, and Lindt & Sprüngli. This reveals they are more of a value-seeking shopper. TD Bank’s audience likes L’Oreal, Contigo, Pizza Hut, and Smirnoff. This signifies that they could be more of a modest, lower budget consumer than Royal Bank’s audience.

Profiler provides companies with valuable audience insights, giving them the knowledge to better reach and assist their customers.