This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday!

Canadian brands have been anticipating this major milestone for months, getting the party started early with Canada 150 social marketing campaigns that celebrate Canada’s rich heritage and culture.

I discovered that the top Canadian marketing campaign strategies for Canada’s 150th birthday are heartfelt, warm and uplifting; reflective of the nation’s culture and people.


Roots Canada

Roots Canada’s Canada 150 campaign was definitely one of the nicest. They turned to the heart of Canada and thought about what it’s most known for, and therefore focused on Canada’s most popular and well-known quality: niceness. Their campaign, Be Nice, was aimed at celebrating 150 years of people being nice.


This Canadian marketing campaign spread across social media in an effort to find Canada’s Nicest Person! It received lots of traction and entries. In return, Angel of Hugginz by Angel, a charity that provides blankets to sick children, won the title of Canada’s Nicest Person.


Tim Hortons

In order to celebrate Canada 150, the iconic Canadian coffee and donut retail giant, Tim Hortons, decided to honor Canada by unleashing poutine donuts. This promotion is being released on July 1st and will only be available for a limited time.


Tim Hortons promoted Canada 150 across its products. As shown above, they have coffee cups in celebration.



In Maytag’s social media-focused campaign for Canada 150, “Canada’s Home,”  famous Canadian comedian, Cathy Jones, humorously points out all ways the home of Canada’s Prime Minister could use a Maytag makeover.


Maytag promoted this campaign across social media by using #CanadasHome.


Labatt 50

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with a cold Canadian beer? Labatt 50, a Toronto-based beer brand, decided to rebrand in honor of this year’s Canada Day and renamed themselves Labatt 150.


This campaign was a success, especially when Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, tweeted about Labatt, his favorite beer brand.


Canadian Tire

For Canada Day, Canadian Tire took part in the celebration as well. With a name like Canadian Tire, how could they not? They’ve released limited-edition 10-cent coupons in celebration of this special day.


This Canadian marketing campaign was promoted across social media and sparked lots of engagement and conversation with its customers.


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