Every brand wants to be able to latch on to the natural buzz that occurs on a holiday on social media, and today, being Cinco De Mayo, is no exception. This is the perfect holiday to determine what are the most talked about Mexican beers, tequilas and restaurants.


The first thing to look at is what drives the most online conversations on Cinco De Mayo? As you can see below it is a fairly close race, with Cervezas, Mexican beer, driving the majority of the buzz, however, tequila and Mexican restaurants are split almost evenly.

Now that we know which general topic is driving the most buzz, it is worthwhile to dig deep down into the topics and see which brands are making the most noise. For that, I looked at the share of voice within each of the specific topics.

Mexican Beers

The biggest surprise when looking at the share of voice of the cervezas, is that Dos Equis is so far behind Corona, however, it is no surprise that Corona is the most buzzed about beer. In fact, Corona also had one of the highest amounts of positive sentiment amongst the beers, so it truly is the most popular Cinco De Mayo beer based on online conversations.


Looking at the Tequila brands, it’s a big win for Patron, however, it is much closer than the conversations about beers. What is really interesting is that the brand with the highest amount of positive posts was Don Julio, who came in a distant 3rd in terms of creating buzz. Meanwhile, Jose Cuervo had the least amount of positive sentiment.

Mexican Restaurants

So we know that people like talking about drinking Corona, Patron and/or Jose Cuervo on Cinco De Mayo, but where do they like to eat?

Not surprisingly, the answer is Taco Bell, everyone’s favorite fast-food Mexican restaurant. It has the most online conversations about it by far over its competition. However, Chipotle, the restaurant that came in a very distant 2nd place for most buzz created around Cinco De Mayo, was the runaway winner when it came to positive sentiment as it nearly doubled the amount of positive sentiment than Taco Bell generated.

As you can see, it’s very easy to use Social Data to dive deep into crowded industries to see which specific brands are doing things the right way and generating a lot of online mentions. While I looked at the Cinco De Mayo “industry” today, this is the type of analysis that brands and organizations across multiple different industries regularly look to access to understand their market and audience better. If you would like to see how Synthesio can give you access to great data and insights like this, feel free to reach out for a demo today!