Brands love that surveys are a reliable and proven way to get consumer or employee feedback, plus demographic insights so you can understand not just what they think – but also who they are (and who wants what!). At the same time, many brands have embraced social intelligence to get real-time insights, add color and context, and understand emerging needs. And also to fill-in the missing “why” expressions, to validate or even question current perspectives. 

So what about using them together to get the “what” and “why” (and “who”) all in the same place? According to Forrester, only 11% of brands can effectively use a wide variety of data types in a unified customer profile to personalize experiences, provide a consistent experience across channels, and generally improve customer lifetime value and other business outcomes. These digital challenges require a new approach!

As we recently spoke about in our post on data hybridization, a new approach to getting your small and big data together allows different analytical functions to work with a “complete” data universe. Bringing surveys and social data together offers some clear benefits: reduced biases, better precision, and more collaboration among different teams. 

So, let’s explore how we can connect these dots. 

Introducing Synthesio’s Survey Module

Synthesio’s Survey Module builds on our data hybridization infrastructure and is now in Open Beta with select clients! There are a few key reasons why this is exciting for brands: 

  1. Adding survey data continues our goal of delivering the most complete view of consumer needs, and this new module makes it easy to compare, reconcile, and explore different data streams
  2. Applying our advanced text analytics capabilities (available out of the box) makes it easy to handle any question/answer type including open ended questions
  3. As part of our leading AICI platform, we help clients bridge organizational silos and shorten time to insights with pre-built data visualizations to analyze and explore new topics and questions for future surveys

Why would I want to use survey analysis? 

Brands that are looking for validation, explanations, and further reasons “why” should know that our Survey module isn’t just about surveys – it’s bringing surveys together with social, reviews, and soon, other data sources we bring into the platform.

To get started, check out these use cases many early-user brands are considering: 

Trend Detection 

Trend analysis aims at a consumer-lead approach designed to deliver critical insights on change drivers and foresee the future impact of macro and micro trends in a given category. In order to execute at a high level, brands need both social proof and demographic data to support their strategy. Synthesio’s survey analysis provides comprehensive landscape mapping of motivations, attitudes, needs, and habits that drive consumer behavior, preferences, and decisions.

By using Synthesio’s new Survey module, you can look at social data and survey responses side-by-side and compare sentiment, keywords and phrases, and moments in the social data that illuminate what you’re seeing in the survey data. Survey analysis also provides a foundation for predictive analytics, starting with spotting trends hidden underneath the surface by applying a Topic Modeling study. 

Product Innovation

AICI-driven innovation targets future growth (white spaces) via emerging unmet consumer needs and lead user-developed innovations in your category. Social media is invaluable for spotting early signals while you develop your concept, and then surveys can test the concept with your consumers, followed by ongoing social listening. Synthesio dramatically simplifies exploration of your innovation space, and lets you cross-analyze and visualize signals that represent the next big product or services opportunity.

You can also bring together additional data from Synthesio’s Profiler and get deeper audience insights into sociodemographics, behavioral nuances, and who influences buying decisions (like shopping the next fashion trend). 

Brand Intelligence 

A new era of insights into lifestyle patterns, interests, digital touchpoints, and media habits emerge when we have a behavioral and conversational data ecosystem. The goal: authentic and context-rich brand and campaign insights designed to surface critical emotions, feedback, and distinctive brand associations. Survey demographics, psychographics, and attitudinal insights linked with social context and behavioral data make this possible and allow brands to connect the dots – so you can better understand how to find and serve them at the right time.

You can see these insights when comparing product satisfaction survey data with more “organic” customer ratings and reviews. Cross-analyzing and visualizing these data streams together helps brands bring insights to life for insights pros and marketers alike. It also provides inputs to support, product, and engineering teams for improving your entire customer experience (CX). 

If you’re interested in learning more about our surveys module, contact our team today