The divide between milk drinkers and milk alternative drinkers continues to grow. Consumers are steering clear of what used to be a popular beverage with dinner and are starting to take to dairy alternatives. Data published by Statista reveals that total milk consumption in the US has been declining at an average of 1.26 billion dollars per year since 2010. This can be due to the 84% drop in milk consumption in the US over a 60 year period. Consumers are constantly adapting their preferences which is why brands need to become experts in CPG marketing.

We took to Synthesio Profiler, our audience insights tool, to see who’s driving these trends. Our analysis of both non-dairy and dairy drinkers provides valuable insights collected from social data that can increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Top Cities

Profiler was able to find the top cities with the highest affinity among both non-dairy and dairy drinkers. It’s clear to see the divide between location for the different audiences. Non-dairy drinkers are along the east coast living in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Dairy drinkers are mainly located in the midwest, living in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Indiana. This suggests that dairy could be heavily pushed in middle America due to a large number of farms, and less emphasized in more urban environments. This can help companies doing CPG marketing to determine the best locations to target their products.


Favorite Brands

Dairy drinkers and non-dairy drinkers have different biases when it comes to their preferred products and services. The insights we gathered by using Synthesio Profiler shows the affinity level for Dunkin’ Donuts, J.Crew, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom to be the most popular among non-dairy drinkers. This indicates that they have a higher desire for more expensive products including dairy alternatives which tend to be more costly. Profiler also uncovered their preferences for services such as Waze, Williams-Sonoma, Whole Foods, and TripAdvisor. This reveals that they have a preference for cooking, healthy living, and place importance on recommendations. Dairy drinkers like General Mills, Pillsbury, Fisher-Price, and Pampers. This indicates that dairy drinkers most likely have babies or young children. Dairy drinkers also have a strong preference for, BabyCenter, Apple, and Bed Bath & Beyond which can support the claim that they tend to have babies or young children compared to non-dairy drinkers.


Favorite Media

Profiler data shows a strong difference between their favorite media channels. When it comes to social media, 82.6% of non-dairy drinkers use Facebook, 60.8% use Instagram, and 34.7% use Pinterest. This indicates the importance this audience places on social media and staying connected. These types of social channels also demonstrate that they are very visual. Non-dairy drinkers also read The New York Times and watch The Weather Channel. Dairy drinkers have the strongest affinities for Parenting magazine, Taste of Home, and Better Homes and Gardens magazine. This indicates that they are interested in DIY projects and want to orchestrate improvement projects around their house. They are also interested in learning new recipes and uncovering fun and entertaining ideas.


Profiler provides companies with audience insights, giving them the knowledge they need to better reach their customers through efficient CPG marketing. To learn more about our audience insights tool, Profiler, and to see how it could benefit your CPG marketing efforts, request a demo today.