Yesterday was the final day of the two-day Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit in Toronto, and throughout the event, we tweeted interesting social insights gleaned from our Social Listening platform. Now that the event is over, we wanted to drill down and take a closer look at the event data, including interests, gender breakdown, and the top trends of the summit.


Here is a full overview of social data from the conference for the past two days. Our social listening dashboard provided real-time, updated data in the most effective way possible.


Top Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit Influencers

DMFinancialServ was the top influencer, as they were promotion the event. They were mentioned 112 times,, with over 2,000 tweets. Following behind was Gurpreet, another influencer, with 16 mentions. We came in quite close to the top, tied with Evergage. Synthesis has over seven mentions and 9,000 tweets.

Top Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit Speakers

Using our share of voice gadget, we pulled together a list of top ten speakers. The top three were Maja Neable, Jeremy Miller and Alex Tapscott. Meanwhile Andrew Lo and Amy Mcllwain also came in fairly close, with 11.49% and 9.20% respectively.

Top Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit Sponsors

Meanwhile, another set of data we pulled using our social listing dashboard was to gather the top sponsors. We came in first, tied with Hootsuite, with over 18.75% share of the conversation. Meanwhile Sticky Branding came in very close as well. With 17.56% of the share of the conversation.

Thank you to all who stopped by our booth, and all who came to our VP of Global Marketing, Greg Roth’s, industry expert presentation.