A few days ago I wrote a blog that touched upon the importance of E3 2017 to video game marketing and did a brief look at what the numbers were for who was “winning” E3. Now that the video game industry’s biggest show of the year is over, we now know how those numbers look in the end. We also can discuss the effect that knowing this can have on both video game marketing professionals, and general marketers as well.

The infographic below shows who we found were the big winners at E3, but there’s something that is very notable and important to understand from the infographic, beyond who won this year’s E3. That is, the ability to understand what the whole picture is, and how you can compete with your competitors.



Many marketers make the mistake of simply looking at the Share of Voice when they want to compare themselves against their competitors. While the Share of Voice is a very important analytic, it doesn’t give you a complete picture. A video game marketing expert (in the E3 example above), would be missing out on knowing what the Share of Voice actually meant. There are many factors that go into what people post online or on social media, and the context and the sentiment of the posts are just as important as the number of posts they receive.

This is why Synthesio created the Social Reputation Score. While SRS is not new and has been a part of Synthesio’s platform for a few years, it is still important to remember why we created it. SRS gives our customers the ability to look at the Share of Voice, combined with other factors, including influence and sentiment. This means that it takes into account the fact that if everyone is talking about VIDEO GAME 1 more than VIDEO GAME 2, but they are speaking negatively about GAME 1 and positively about GAME 2, then GAME 2 is actually doing better.

Just like in video game marketing, any time you need to know how you compare to your competitors, you need to look at the complete picture. If you want to learn more about how Synthesio’s SRS can help you do that, check out our SRS eGuide.