E3 is considered to be the Super Bowl of video game marketing and video game conferences, and the buzz that the conference generates is one that can set up success (or failure) for both video game studios and for games as well. A bad demo of a new game, a great presentation for a studio, an exciting new console, all of these can make or break video game marketing team’s year, based on the reaction they get at E3.

While E3 officially starts today, the pre-show has been going on for the past few days and social media posts have already been flooding in about it. Video game marketing has been influenced by consumers and media, so with that in mind, I wanted to take a look this morning at some of the online data that video game marketing teams will be interested in, as we head into the official Day 1 of the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Riding the new announcement of Fifa and Battlefront games, along with EA Play, Electronic Arts is the most buzzed about video game company taking 31.4% of all online mentions. How does this compare to other big names in the video game industry?

Here are the top 5 most discussed companies:

Expert video game marketers want to get as many people talking about their brand at E3, however, that doesn’t tell the complete story. For example, are people talking positively or negatively about you? This is why it is important to take sentiment into account when looking at information like this. Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score is a great way to compare the buzz around multiple brands and products, as it takes the volume of mentions, and factors in other important data (like sentiment) to provide a complete picture. It then produces a Social Reputation Score of 0-100 to provide you with a complete ranking. This information is crucial for video game marketing to complete the picture of what people are enjoying the most about E3. According to Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score, Ubisoft had the most successful E3 pre-show.

The Top 5 Brands (ranked by Social Reputation Score):

I will be following this post up with more data as the show goes on, so keep your eyes out for some really cool upcoming news coming from video game marketing this week.

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