Synthesio Named Editors’ Choice by PCMag

We tend to think that our Social Media Intelligence and Listening platform is the best in the industry, and we love hearing from happy customers that agree with us. We also are always proud to announce industry accolades that let us know that our Social Media Analytics tool is truly the best. That is why we were so excited to be named an Editors’ Choice by PCMag in their most recent roundup: The Best Social Media Management & Analytics Tools of 2015.

“The most complete solution in this tier is Synthesio, our Editors’ Choice for enterprises, which gives the most extensive deep-dive analytics using the most engaging data visualizations and reporting. Each listening metric Synthesio measures, be it mentions, engagement, sentiment, or influencer reach, has drill-down capabilities to generate a custom dashboard with post lists and graphs from any point in the interface.”

PCMag pulled what they believe are Synthesio’s most valuable features:

  • Global enterprise-scale of social data platform
  • Extensive analytic tool suite
  • Innovative community analysis
  • Unlimited data queries
  • Interactive data visualizations and reports
  • Tangible social ROI metrics

It is truly an honor to be featured in this report, where were compared with some of our top competitors. In PCMag’s report, it states:

“Synthesio offers the deepest collection of social analytics tools of all the services I tested, encompassing a breadth of data spanning beyond the main social networks to other corners of Internet traffic, and doing so with the most creative data visualization features, out-of-the-box tools, and business-focused metrics of the bunch.” Our social listening tool measures mentions, engagement, sentiment, or influencer reach, has drill-down capabilities to generate a custom dashboard with post lists and graphs from any point in the interface.

A feature of ours that stood high against top competitors was our suite of ROI widgets. Data and numbers are great, but how are you presenting them for your company’s senior executive and C-level team? This is what our ROI analytics help our clients do, help explain what the return on the digital and social campaigns are for the business. Synthesio’s ROI widgets show the complete customer journey from a social follower to how they evolve to a full-blown customer acquisition. In addition, Synthesio’s demographic and psychographic tools allow enterprise brands to break down customers based on audience segmentations that are based on professional fields, personal interests and/or even brand preferences.

Interested in learning how a PCMag’s Editors’ choice can help show you how important social media listening is for your enterprise brand? Contact us with any questions you have, or request a demo to see Synthesio in action.

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About the Author:

Tatiana manages all things demand generation and digital marketing at Synthesio, and has been at Synthesio since June 2015. Her previous employers include Platinum Guild International, Sesame Street, and Social Media Week. Tatiana is a born and raised New Yorker and a proud Pace University alumna. While she's not seeking the next marketing challenge, Tatiana loves going on adventures, listening to music, and sour candy.