March 1 to 9 marked this year’s Winter/Fall Collection 2011 in Paris, France with the arrival of an array of collections from the likes of Dior, Valentino, Chanel, and more. Synthesio social media monitoring took a look at the top tweets during this period that mentioned Paris Fashion Week to see who the top Twitter users were as well as the designers the most mentioned. What we found definitely surprised us.

Dior and designer John Galliano were a part of many conversations on Twitter, blogs, forums, and mainstream news sites, following Galliano’s recent departure from the label. Karl Lagerfeld’s collection with Chanel was the major winner on Twitter, however, accounting for 22% of all tweets that mentioned a designer. We also found a large number of tweets surrounding Lady Gag’s first-ever runway show with designer Thierry Mugler in which she sported some sky-high heels.

Click here to view the Top 100 Twitter users during Paris Fashion Week and the Top 10 designers.

Who else do you know in the list? Did you tweet about Paris Fashion Week or #pfw?