Father’s Day is one of the most fun days of the year for dads everywhere. It’s the one day of the year where there is almost a guarantee that you can have a BBQ, a nice day out with your family and maybe a round or two of golf. Celebrities, as the saying often goes, are very similar to everyone else and they celebrate Father’s Day by going online and posting on social media too.

Who were the celebrity dads that caused the biggest buzz on social media?

As you can see, while he may not be President anymore, Barack Obama’s influence continues to remain strong as he ran away with the most mentions on social media among celebrity dads, as he drove 67.15% of all mentions around celebrity dads on Father’s Day. He was followed, very distantly, by Justin Timberlake (14.97% of mentions) and David Beckham (3.90%).



However, just like when analyzing many different products or brands against each other, the Share of Voice is only part of the picture. Our customers are always concerned with who their audience is, and how they can better understand them and reach out to them. Audience demographics is a great way to understand more about your product and who is consuming it, which is why I wanted to see who was posting about celebrity dads on Father’s Day.

51% of the people who were posting about celebrity dads on Father’s Day were male, with 49% being females, and most were aged 18-25 years old. Furthermore, part of understanding your audience is understanding where they are posting, as that will help you understand exactly where you should be reaching out to your consumers. For Father’s Day, most of the comments about celebrity dads were made on Twitter (75.29% of all mentions). Meanwhile, Instagram (17.76%) and online forums (2.17%) were the next two most popular platforms to post on.

While this analysis looked at something fun like celebrity dads on Father’s Day, all of the above analysis can also be applicable to your brand and products. If you want to see how Synthesio can help you understand more about your audience and how you rank in your industry, then feel free to reach out and get a demo today!

And to all the dads out there, for one last time in 2017, Happy Father’s Day!