If you work in Marketing or Communications in the Financial Services industry, you are no stranger to the hefty industry regulations and restrictions that come along with how you communicate and engage with your audience.

In order to communicate with your community in creative and engaging ways while keeping inline with industry regulations, it’s important to stay inspired and continue learning new strategies, by attending industry events and workshops, as well as following industry experts.

To stay up-to-date and inspired with new finserv marketing tips and strategies, be sure to follow these 20 Finserv Marketing Influencers:

  • Ron Shevlin
    Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors. Author of Smarter Bank, and Snarketing column on The Financial Brand #fintech #SmarterBank
  • Keith Gormley
    NYC by way of #Boston – Director, Social Media at @Prudential | http://keithgormley.tumblr.com
  • Gregg Weiss
    All about family. I help provide for them by doing work I love as VP Social Media at @Mastercard US. Content here=personal views.
  • Jennifer Barrett
    Editor-in-Chief @Grow_mag & Chief Education Officer @Acorns. #FinLit advocate. Contributor @Forbes. Frmr @CNBC @Newsweek (+ beer-geeking Brooklynite & mom of 2)
  • Christophe Langlois
    SOCIAL media business collaboration DIGITAL marketing strategy @IBM |my views| SPEAKER | #socbiz #finserv #fintech #cx #iot | REVIEWER amazon youtube |⌚️ ✈ ☕▶
  • Jason Zweig
    Investing columnist for @WSJ. Editor, Benjamin Graham’s *The Intelligent Investor.* Author, *Your Money and Your Brain* and *The Devil’s Financial Dictionary.*
  • April Rudin
    Global Wealth Marketing Firm U/HNW guru. #FinSvcs Compliant content = social + digital strategies. HuffPost blogger. Likes: #NextGen #Asia #FinTech #WealthTech
  • Clara Shih
    Founder & CEO @HearsaySocial. $SBUX Board. Author, Social Business Imperative; The Facebook Era. Frequent Flyer.
  • Marc Lussy
    Managing Director Swiss Representation Dinar Finance Group / Consultant Banking & Finance 2.0 / Business Development+Digital Marketing @PerfNetwork / GLP Member
  • Joanna Belbey
    Helping regulated firms get social while complying with rules + regs. Exec Producer of NY Passport, travel show. https://vimeo.com/133913630 https://about.me/belbey
  • Ryan Hanley
    SVP of Marketing. #insurtech. #fintech. Keynote Speaker. Author. @AgencyNation. Teach #contentmarketing. On Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ryan_hanley
  • Danielle Guzman
    Global citizen & marketing executive. Tweet #social #leadership #fintech #insurtech #marketing #cx #insight. ❤️ traveling with my family.
  • Elizabeth Lumley
    Director Global Ecosystem Development @sbcFinTech & @sbcInsurTech Part of @rainmakinginnov Frequent guest host of @Breakingbanks1 Global FinTech Diva for Life!e
  • Rob Findlay
    Design, banking, innovation, fintech, cx, technology & social. Listed #8 in The Financial Brand Influential People in Fintech. Founder of @nextmoney_
  • Yosef Levenstein
    I am responsible for #clientsuccess @HVST and I help FinPros leverage their content to grow their businesses efficiently. #fintech and #contentmarketing fanboy.
  • Chris Gledhill
    CEO & Co-founder @SeccoAura #FinTech #FinServ #Technologist #Futurist #Innovator #Speaker #Writer #Fashtech
  • JP Nicols
    Innovation | Strategy | Leadership – Global #FinTech #FinServ speaker/writer/advisor. Find me: @NextMoney_ | @BreakingBanks1 | Charter member @FinTechMafia ;)
  • Bradley Leimer
    Head of Fintech Strategy, Santander U.S. Innovation; Curator, Connector, Advisor, Investor, Writer, Speaker [San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, Madrid]
  • Daniel Easterbrook
    Digital Marketing & Digital Management Consultant I keep up with trends in #digitalmarketing #mobilemarketing #fintech #mobilepayments & #bigdata #CRO #CRM #CX
  • Bill Sullivan
    Global Head #FinancialServices Market Intelligence @Capgemini; Global #Fintech insights (#WRBR16 #WIR16 #WWR2016 #USWR2015) #Finserv25 #Fintech100 Avid golfer


See any finance influencers we missed? Tell us in the comments section below!


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