Halloween is here! That means you have some things to figure out:

What are you going to be?

What are you going to dress up as?

Which friend crew should you make plans with?

Are you getting overwhelmed yet? It’s not surprising that out of all age groups on Twitter that are answering these questions, we can see that its adults aged 18-34 are the most hyped about these Halloween festivities.

Halloween Candy Social Media

That said, let’s get down to the real interesting and fun stuff… the Halloween candy! As we get older, it is unfortunately no longer socially acceptable to go trick-or-treating. So, we just buy our own candy and enjoy the festivities!

In the 1880’s, a Wunderlee employee named George Renninger claimed to have invented the first candy corn. Even though Wunderlee was claimed to invent the first candy corn. In 1898, the production switched to Goelitz Candy Company (now named Jelly Belly Candy Company). Also, one of the best ways to get hyped about Halloween is to celebrate National Candy Corn Day on October 30th or Halloween Eve. Not surprisingly, candy corn is just shy of having the most mentions on social media in the mentions list below.

Snickers (20.5% of all online mentions)

Candy Corn (19.6%)

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (11.8%)

Oreo (8%)

Twix (6.6%)

Kit Kat Bar (6%)

Skittles (4%)

Milky Way (3.6%)

3 Musketeers (3.2%)

Tootsie Rolls (2%)

Butterfinger (1.8%)

Smarties (1.8%)

Almond Joy (1.8%)

Starburst (1.5%)

Twizzlers (1%)

Hershey’s Kisses (1%)

Jolly Ranchers (1%)

Sour Patch Kids (0.9%)

Life Savers (0.6%)

Laffy Taffy (0.6%)

Swedish Fish (0.6%)

Crunch Bar (0.4%)

Toblerone (0.4%)

Airheads (0.3%)

Sweet Tarts (0.3%)

100 Grand Bar (0.3%)

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar (0.1%)

Pixy Stix (0.1%)