Halloween Costumes to Expect in 2015

From our social media analysis of the Halloween, the hardest part about this holiday is picking out which costume to wear. There are millions to choose from, and you have to make sure to pick the right costume for the right setting, which obviously depends on your Halloween plans.

Do you want to pick a common Halloween costume? Do you want to dress up as your favorite political figure? Or do you want to dress as a 2015 trendy character? These are questions that participants of this holiday are asking themselves. We wanted to know what costume people were choosing to wear based on their social media discussions. Therefore, we looked at the data, here are the results:

Common Halloween Costumes Share of Voice:

common costumes

Political Costumes Share of Voice:

political costumes

2015 Trendy Costumes Share of Voice:

trending costumes


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About the Author:

Tatiana manages all things demand generation and digital marketing at Synthesio, and has been at Synthesio since June 2015. Her previous employers include Platinum Guild International, Sesame Street, and Social Media Week. Tatiana is a born and raised New Yorker and a proud Pace University alumna. While she's not seeking the next marketing challenge, Tatiana loves going on adventures, listening to music, and sour candy.