Social Listening is a tool that is incredibly helpful in almost every aspect of life and business because it helps you analyze the world’s greatest free focus group. So when you want to find out what people think are the best ways to do anything, Social Listening can help you get some great answers. With that in mind, on St. Patrick’s Day, I think it’s quite appropriate to see what people think are the best hangover remedies. I researched some of the most popular ways that people cure their hangovers and hopefully my research can help you all have an even happier day after St. Patrick’s Day.

The five most popular hangover remedies are fast food, painkillers, energy drinks, sports drinks and coffee. Clearly, fast food was the most popular method to discuss as you can see here:

While judging popularity for a hangover cure based on the amount of times it’s discussed is certainly valid, it’s also crucial to know the context. In other words, a lot of people could be talking about using fast food to cure a hangover, but they can be talking about it negatively, so I looked at the sentiment around these posts. As you can see, fast food had the most positive sentiment around it, with painkillers having the lowest.

I have to make a confession here – business interests did not drive my curiosity around hangover remedies. That said, if you have a product that fits into one of these hangover cure categories, there are very clear business implications here that show the power of Social Listening to your brand. It is crucial to learn everything you can about your audience so that you can know what it is that they care about, how they view your product, what they are using your product for, etc. So with that in mind, I decided to dig deeper into each of these types of hangover remedies and see which brands are most commonly discussed (and the sentiment around them) within each cure.

Fast Food:


Energy Drinks:

Sports Drinks:


As you can see, using Social Listening to know that your brand is being used in a certain type of discussion, for example that your product or brand helps cure hangovers, can change how you market your brand around certain days (like St. Patrick’s Day).

I might be a little biased, but to me, the true beauty of Social Listening is that you can look for something that might be beneficial in your personal life, and discover something completely unexpected and helpful about your brand, or even your competitors. Either way, I wanted to share one last thing I found to help you as you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today. Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score (SRS) gives topics/brands that you are monitoring scores from 0-100 based on a combination of total volume of mentions and sentiment. In other words, finding out the SRS around each of the hangover cures can give the final answer about what people think are the best hangover remedies, so to help you all out, here is the SRS that I found:


If you want to see how you can use Social Listening to learn new ways that your brands and products are being used then feel free to reach out and ask for a demo so you can see it for yourself!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, stay safe and have fun!