As we mentioned yesterday, at Synthesio, we don’t miss any opportunity to discuss Social Intelligence and alcohol! This is why we decided to see what were the most buzzed about topics on St. Patrick’s Day.


We decided we wanted to finally answer the question about what do people actually talk about on St. Patrick’s Day: beer, Irish whiskey or the actual holiday? To answer this age-old question, we looked at all global online conversations surrounding this fun holiday and we got our answer! Now you can finally remember what you were probably talking about yesterday. (Click to enlarge images.)

Here is how the topics played out:

Beer (45.7 % of all global mentions)

Irish Whiskey (42.8%)

St. Patrick’s Day (11.5%)

Who Talked About St. Patrick’s Day?

53% of all mentions came from males

47% from females

Here are the top 10 influencers from St. Patrick’s Day 2015

What Countries Were Talking About St. Patrick’s Day?

United States (43.2% of all global mentions)

Canada (7.34%)

United Kingdom (6.8%)

Ireland only had 1.57% of all global mentions!

What Languages Are People Talking In?

What Irish Beer Was Most Popular (top 3 based on mention volume)?

Guinness (23.6%)

Harp Lager (0.1%)

Smithwick’s (0.1%)

What Topics Were Associated With Irish Beer?

What Irish Whiskey Was Most Popular? (based on mention volume)

Jameson (12.2%)

Tullamore Dew (1.04%)

Bushmills (0.71%)

What Topics Were Associated With Irish Whiskey?

What did you talk about on social media yesterday? Did you contribute to the Saint Patrick’s day online conversation?