With over 3 billion images shared online every day, image analytics has become essential for all marketers to ensure a relevant and informed Social Listening program.

Why No One Should Ignore Image Analytics

Many of the 3 billion images shared every day contain brands’ products and logos, but over 85% of them don’t have an explicit text reference to the brand, according to Visua. For brands looking to understand their consumers and brand presence, text analytics alone is not sufficient. Brands must incorporate image analytics into their strategy.

Based on this postulate, Synthesio’s Data Science team spent more than a year developing proprietary next-gen image analytics technology, ensuring our customers more accuracy in their analysis and the ability to learn and evolve with potential new needs and expectations. Our new image recognition models incorporate the latest and greatest AI innovations.


“Machines are now almost as good as humans at image recognition, and the turning point occurred in 2012 when a deep convolutional neural network won the ImageNet Large-Scale Visual Recognition Challenge for the first time.“

Issa Memari, Data Scientist

Aurore - Image Analytics Blog

80% of all visual content for marketing campaigns are images.

Therefore, the ability to make the most out of image analytics is essential for marketers. Without it, brands are missing out on critical insights across the entire marketing mix: Product satisfaction, Place of consumption, Promotion ROI, and Price.”

Aurore Legentil, Field Marketing Specialist

What is Image Analysis?

Image analysis (also known as “computer vision” or “image recognition”) is the process of extracting information from images. Modern image recognition technology can identify places, people, sentiment, objects, and many other types of elements within an image.

Welcome Aboard the Synthesio Image Analytics Train

To help you uncover powerful insights from the visual content around your brand, we’ve developed two powerful features, available in every Synthesio Dashboard:

1. Identify brand logo use across user-generated content

We’ve developed logo recognition technology based on state-of-the-art deep learning object detection models. Our system can accurately predict bounding box coordinates locating logos of hundreds of brands (and counting) within any given image.

Image Analytics - Logo Detection

Our logo recognition system is predicting the presence of the beer brand “Corona.”

We are constantly increasing our database of recognizable brands and can adapt our model to recognize the logos of any brand, at your request! Our logo recognition feature covers all platforms, enabling you to measure your brand’s performance across the board.

Logo detection distribution per social platform
Image Analytics - Platform Distribution

Note: These values are scaled to how many mentions Synthesio collects per provider

💡 It is more likely for a logo to appear on Twitter and Instagram than it is likely to appear on Facebook and Reddit.

Image Analytics - Logo Filtering
Screenshot showing filtering based on logo recognition: find images containing the logo of “Renault.”

2. Identify scenes within images

But to uncover meaningful insights about the consumption of your products and your brand’s place in your consumers’ lives, logo recognition was not enough! This is why we’ve developed scene recognition.

Combined with logo recognition, scene recognition gives you the unique opportunity to understand the visual context in which your brand appears.

Our system can recognize more than 10,000 scene labels, categorized into objects, places, activities, colors, events, people, animals and more! Time to brag: we are very proud to let you know that this is the most extensive scene recognition label collection on the market so far!
Image Analytics - Scene Detection

Example of a prediction from our scene recognition system

Image Analytics - Scene Filtering

Screenshot showing filtering based on scene recognition: find activity “skiing” in the dashboard

In 4 key figures:

Image Analytics - Recap

What Insights Can You Uncover With Image Analytics?

1. Deepen your understanding of consumers’ moments of consumption

  • Identify when, where, and how your consumers use your products – combining scene and logo recognition.
  • Detect strategic business insights related to moments of consumption.
  • Feed your product strategy with potential improvements and innovations based on authentic consumer expression.

    Brand Performance Use Case 1

Pictures of fast food also showing the Corona logo.

2. Improve Brand Awareness

  • Identify micro-influencers and brand advocates for future endorsements.
  • Get a complete overview of your visual brand presence online.
  • Never miss another mention of your brand in text or visuals.
  • Improve your earned and paid campaigns by finding all mentions of your logo.

UGC Use Case 2Monki showcasing User Generated Content

According to Nielsen, 92% of customers trust authentic User Generated Content more than traditional advertising.

3. Protect your online reputation from brand misuse

  • Detect unauthorized use of your logo.
  • Anticipate and be alerted of a potential crisis by uncovering negative visual mentions.
  • Control your brand reputation online: in text and images.
    Miseuse Use Case 3

An Instagram account misusing the Louis Vuitton logo

4. Proven ROI for your Influencer marketing strategies

  • Accurately measure the ROI of your sponsorship by verifying all social impressions of brand logos and engagement of visual mentions.
  • Recognize the actual value of your sponsorship investment online & across social media.

Endorsement Use Case 4
Lenny Kravitz endorsing Yves Saint Laurent

Stay tuned as we bring even more image-related capabilities inside of our Listening Dashboard experience!

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