The population of Indonesia is equivalent to 3.5% of the total world population accounting for about 266.2 million people. This densely populated country has a median age of 28.3 years old, making it an ideal audience for marketers wanting to target Indonesian millennials. With such large population, marketers are bound to face difficulties effectively targeting this age group and standing out from their competitors.

We used Profiler to study the characteristics and top affinities of Indonesian Millennials to break through this enormous population and hone in on what they really care about. Insights such as these can provide your business with the necessary information you need in order to make a favorable impression.


Female Indonesian Millennials

Female Indonesian Millennials are suggested to work in the community and social services or food and restaurants industry. They watch Antv and Indosiar and read Majalah GADIS. For fun, they enjoy going to concerts and parties. Their top three musical artists include Justin Bieber, Laudya Chintya Bella, and Ayumi Hamasaki. This indicates that they have a strong preference for pop music compared to other genres.

They enjoy traveling to South Korea and use Traveloka and TripAdvisor when booking reservations and looking for new places to go. They are likely to drive an Opel Astra or an Audi A3. Their favorite product brands include Pantene, Indomie, and Pocky. They have a high affinity for service brands such as Aldi, Gmarket Global, and WhatsApp. Minute Maid and Milo are their preferred beverage brands, but they also have an affinity for Coca-Cola. Causes they care about include pollution and CARE, a relief agency. This suggests that female Indonesian Millennials are aware of their impact on the environment and try to reduce their contributions to pollution.


Male Indonesian Millennials

While Male Indonesian Millennials have extremely different characteristics and affinities compared to female Indonesian Millennials, they both have strong affinities for pop music. Male Indonesian Millennials enjoy listening to Iwan Fals and JKT48 and tend to work in the arts, entertainment, sports, and media industry. They watch BeIN Sports and RCTI. For leisure reading, they enjoy the Global Times and Kompas. This shows that they are interested in what is happening globally and domestically. Male Indonesian Millennials are interested in Premier League and La Liga which indicates their interests in English football and association football.

When traveling, they prefer to go to Japan and use Skyscanner to find deals on flights. Male Indonesian Millennials tend to shop at Volcom and Quicksilver and drive a Suzuki or Vespa. Head & Shoulders and GoPro are their favorite product brands. Their favorite service brands include Telkomsel, SoundCloud, and Livestream. They enjoy drinking beer and prefer Guinness, Bintang Beer, and Heineken over others.


Marketers can construct better strategies by interpreting these insights around their target audience. Audience insights provide a plethora of information that assist in foraging success. For more information about Indonesian Millennials, download our guide on Asia-Pacific Millennial Characteristics.