There’s a large part of a social practitioner’s job that involves telling other people what’s going on in the world today. These social insights can be broad (“Here’s global trends for our brand for last quarter”) or hyper-focused (“Here’s what our top influencers said about our press release yesterday”), but in both cases, there’s a lot of manual labor – scrolling through mentions, adjusting timeframes, taking screenshots, and building the final view.

On the other side of the coin, there’s alerting – notifying someone that an event has occurred that potentially requires someone’s attention. Alerting is classically used for crisis management situations or for notification when an unexpected change has occurred, but typically the alerts are little more than, “hey, this KPI or metric changed a lot, maybe something is up?”

At Synthesio, we’ve had capabilities for both of these use cases for quite a while – rich export capabilities, reporting and automated alerting are all some of the most-used features in our platform. But as we’ve worked on reimagining our platform, starting with our Synthesio 3.0 launch earlier this year, it’s become increasingly clear that in reality, both sets of functionality are really the same thing.

At the core, both reporting and alerting are about distributing social insights to a broader organization – about putting information in the hands of the people who need it, at the moment they need it, in the format and structure they need to make meaningful decisions. It doesn’t matter whether those social insights are from a standing weekly report with KPIs, or an automated notification that a trigger event occurred, there’s a need for both the event itself and the context around what is happening.

The result of this is Instant Insights – Synthesio’s new fusion of alerting and reporting that allows you to build beautiful, flexible and highly customizable social insights reports that can be delivered on a scheduled basis, or automatically triggered when an anomaly occurs, even if you don’t know what to expect.

With Instant Insights, you can create a dashboard monitoring your brand topics, and create a series of reports – a weekly summary report for your boss showing the top Tweets for that week as well as any changes in net sentiment, a daily report tracking conversations around an upcoming product launch and a dynamic report that will trigger anytime there’s a sudden shift in conversation across any of your topics. For each of these you can customize the reports and even have them delivered to people who aren’t Synthesio users, a great way to bring social insights and social data to groups outside of the social team.

This was already pretty valuable, but to make this even more powerful, we’ve integrated these reports with the new filters that are integrated into Synthesio v3 dashboards. These filters allow you to narrow the scope of your automated reports to be specific topics, countries, sources, languages, authors, owned/earned content, sentiment and influence – with even more filters to come in the coming weeks and months.

This means that if you want, you can build reports that focus on country-level initiatives, or influencers only, or track emerging competitors just in their home countries, or notify different sets of team who are responsible for specific channels or regions.

The flexibility here is really endless, and it all drives from our vision that Social Intelligence needs to scale from the macro level of “what’s my brand intelligence?” to the micro “what do Spanish-speaking influencers in Germany think about our local advertising?” We cracked the code a long time ago about having massive volumes of data at real-time speeds, now we are continuing to add more capabilities to help customers focus in on just the data that matters.

With the addition of Instant Insights, we now have three different ways to move social insights and social data throughout your organization:

  • Instant Insights – flexible, configurable reporting and notifications with context
  • Beam – our social media command center that allows you to benchmark your social performance in real-time
  • API & Integrations – pull raw data from our platform into business intelligence and other analytics tools for correlation and analysis by other teams

We believe that social data is most valuable when it creates social insights that move outside of the social team to the rest of the organization, and Instant Insights is the next step in driving that vision.

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