The APAC market is home to approximately 4.5 billion people which accounts for about 60 percent of the world’s population. With this, companies like ANZ Bank and Celcom face many challenges when trying to communicate with their audience. These challenges include overall customer experience, language barriers, various cultural distinctions, and attempting to analyze social media data as a whole.

These challenges may seem daunting for global brands trying to reach the APAC market in a clear, actionable way. However, with the use of social data, companies can strategize a clear direction of how to effectively target and build awareness. Marketers can analyze the comprehensive slew of data and sources, resulting in the ability to optimize their business. This gives them an advantage over their competition. At Synthesio, we broke down these challenges in the APAC market and illustrated how to overcome them.


APAC Market and Customer Experience

Customer experience is key to a successful business. With more and more brands delivering a personalized customer experience, global companies in the Asia Pacific region face challenges in meeting their individual demands.

One of the most well-known banks in Australia, ANZ Bank, came to Synthesio with the need to understand their customers better, grow current customer relationships, and enhance user experience and satisfaction in Australia. Synthesio analyzed customer predilections around ANZ Bank’s core products and services with the focal point on identifying trends and distinguishing the types of messages that likely cause shifts in sentiment. This provided a solution to the bank’s problem with measuring customer experience allowing them to adapt their business practices and strategies to better meet customer needs.


APAC Market Language Barriers

Clear communication is the foundation for a business to build a strong consumer relationship. For a global company, language barriers can be an obstacle due to the wide variety of languages spoken across the APAC market and wide range of cultures.

At Synthesio. We were recently able to overcome the obstacle of language barriers, with our clients, ANZ Bank. Our Social Listening solution with strong global capabilities in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and superior data quality was able to assist ANZ Bank to break down the language barrier and communicate clearly to their target audience. This allows the bank to communicate in native languages appealing to a larger audience.

Another APAC company dealing with language barriers was Celcom, the oldest and largest mobile telecommunications provider in the APAC region. Celcom sought out Synthesio to monitor social media sources and decode the diverse languages. Synthesio measured and captured all Celcom social data in two languages, English and Bahasa Malaysian, in the APAC region and beyond. This data capture included all relevant Celcom mentions across all platforms regarding public news content, their brand products, competitors, and industry mentions. With all this data collected, Celcom was able to learn more about their multilingual clients, giving them an advantage over their competitors. To discover more about Celcom and how they leveraged Social Intelligence, download our case study.


Vast Social Networks in Different APAC Market Regions

Social networks are one of the most common forms of communication around the world. Facebook accounts for 592 million active users in the APAC region alone. Other popular social sites in the Asia Pacific include Twitter, WeChat, Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, KakaoTalk, and more. With this, global companies can struggle to effectively reach consumers through the right channels and have difficulty measuring online consumer sentiment.

Social data makes connecting online with these regions effortless. Companies can collect data from these diverse platforms and synthesize a social media marketing plan to individually target these different users. With social media growing in popularity, marketers in the APAC region need to take advantage of the capabilities it offers.


Problems Measuring Keywords and KPI’s

Successful SEO campaigns are only as good their keywords. APAC companies like Celcom needed assistance analyzing business insights, and interpreting their keywords and KPIs. With the social data Celcom collected by using Synthesio, they were able to develop KPIs that measured their influencer marketing programs. Social Listening made it easier for them to determine how well their brand was perceived. This allowed them to create a more efficient strategy. Celcom used Synthesio Beam, our social media command center, to effectively visualize social data. This showed Celcom real-time data, allowing them to layer intelligence insights on top of metrics. It also allowed them to successfully feature key insights around their brand in real-time. Celcom then used insights gathered to measure their strategies and adapt their plan if need be to stay on track with their goals.

Social data can help marketers across the Asian Pacific region target their consumers by improving customer experience, breaking down the language barrier, gaining an understanding of the vast social networks, and measuring keywords and KPIs.

Synthesio helped companies in the APAC market like ANZ Bank and Celcom make sense of the rich data collected so that they could develop more informed business strategies.

Curious to see what our social data tools can do for your company? To learn more about how Synthesio uses Social Intelligence, download our guide on the business of Social Intelligence in the APAC region.

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