In today’s world, Social Listening tools gather so much data that it is very easy for users to gain access to insights that they didn’t even think to analyze. However, there are many times when we see customers with a very sophisticated use case and understanding of the power of social media data, and they yearn for access to the most customizable Social Listening tools available. Today, Synthesio answered this call with Reveal, our new dynamic drag-and-drop interface for raw social data.

Reveal is a new product extension that allows users to build dynamic pivot tables in order to custom-analyze their business’ social KPIs. This, in essence, will make Synthesio the most customizable and flexible Social Listening tool available for those looking to explore their social media data in ways that they have never been able to before.

So how does Reveal work and why is it important?

With the incredible volume of analytics and data that comes in through the Synthesio Social Listening tool, we often see marketers and C-Suite executives that struggle to be able to find exact ways to link the data to their important business metrics. Reveal lets users navigate their way through our rich datasets to identify trends and hotspots across the social web, so they can make informed, strategic, business and marketing decisions.

By combining attributes of the data that our Social Listening platform pulls with granular filters, our user-base will be able to build their own metrics and identify the exact insights that they will need to succeed.

In other words, there are times when users need to dive even deeper into their own data in a way that they can’t through standard, out-of-the-box Social Listening metrics. That’s why we built Reveal. Reveal will provide our customers with a level of customization and access to explore and understand their data like they never have before. Reveal is designed to ensure that the insights that our customers are deriving, are the exact insights that they need.

Anything else going on at Synthesio?

If Reveal’s release isn’t enough for you, it also coincides with the addition of emoji and emoticon analysis to the Synthesio platform. The new feature will allow brands to track emoji and emoticons within the text of seventeen (17) different languages.  The addition of emoji analysis gives marketers a further level of insight into what their audiences are talking about online – as well as how they feel about what they are saying . Popular emojis and emoticons have been scored and factored against sentiment to provide insight into the feelings behind what people are talking about.  This additional layer of data analysis will help brands better understand the popular “visual-language” that is so en vogue with the Millennial set.
We’ll be diving deeper into emojis and emoticons in another post coming tomorrow. In the meantime, if you want to see Reveal in action on our industry-leading global Social Listening platform, then feel free to request a free demo!