With back to back shows of designers debuting their collection for Summer and Spring of 2018, it is officially every fashionista’s favorite time of year, fashion month. New York Fashion Week has just ended with Marc Jacobs closing the show. I decided to look at the top 8 Collections of New York Fashion Week according to Vogue from last year’s SS ‘17 and gathered social data to see which of those brand garnered the most buzz this year, and what other fun and interesting social data I could find.

Saturday night, designer Alexander Wang took social media by storm with its #WANGFEST hashtag. Wang debuted his collection by transporting his models on a party bus to three different New York locations, opening his show to the public, shutting down New York’s busiest streets and using it as his runway. This stunt generated so much buzz that even after NYFW ended, it still was among one of the most talked about topic, as you can see by looking at the word cloud, top hashtags and social share of voice.

Alexander Wang drove the most conversations with 73.42% of all online mentions around NYFW. Marc Jacobs came in a very distant second with 17.86%. Alexander Wang clearly dominated the online conversations around NYFW and became the envy of all of his competitors.

Shows like NYFW are important to designers because they want to drive the most buzz around their brand, but each designer wants to be sure that the buzz they are creating is positive. The need to combine share of voice and sentiment into one metric becomes essential for each designer.

This is where Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score (SRS) comes in. SRS is a proprietary metric that gives your brand or product a score of 0-100 based on a combination of factors, including the volume of online mentions and the sentiment of those mentions. With that in mind, I took a look at which designers scored the highest, to truly determine who walked away from NYFW as the big winner according to social data. The answer showed exactly why a metric like this is crucial, as Alexander Wang scored the lowest SRS, while Rodarte was the winner with an SRS of 62.09.

If you are interested in seeing how Synthesio can help you learn more about how you compare with your competitors, at events or in general, feel free to request a demo and see it for yourself.