We all want something customized to our styles and preferences, and today’s perfume marketing strategies are speaking to that. There are many generic and designer brand fragrances in the fragrance market that are easily accessible. Since fragrance products sell so frequently, personalized fragrances stand out and grab consumer attention. Being able to customize a fragrance that fits your lifestyle, needs, and scent preferences add value to consumer’s purchasing decision.

The flavor and fragrance market in North America is set to exceed the 7 billion U.S. dollar mark in 2020. This extensive industry has a variety of target audiences, and fragrance customization allowing brands to cater to all different types. 92 percent of American women stated that they wore fragrances, with 41 percent doing so on a daily basis and 39% of men reported to wear perfume on a regular basis. Personalized scents for the day, the night, and the activity could increase the extent to which people regularly use perfume. More fragrance brands are selling online and creating an experience in the fragrance buying process for the consumer.

Waft, personalized fragrances, helps people create their very own customized fragrance online. What used to be an in-store experience is now being replicated online. People can tailor their perfume or cologne to scents they know they enjoy to create the perfect fragrance for any occasion.

Crafting Personalized Fragrances

There are many brands to choose from in the fragrance market. From celebrity, globally-recognizable designer names, and niche brands, personalization makes the fragrance unique to you. Waft allows their customers to personalize from beginning to end. They ask a lot of questions to determine your lifestyle and how the scent can complement your needs or the needs of someone you are gifting the fragrance too. “Are looking for more of a masculine, unisex, or feminine fragrance?” “Are you using it in the day or the night?” “Are you looking to use the fragrance for sport, social, work, dating?” “Do you want a fresh, sexy, elegant, or relaxed scent?” “What about a classic or trendy scent?” These questions help narrow down the result. Customers can choose up to 3 of the following scents.

Choose from a list of perfumes in the Waft database to give them a better perspective on the other fragrances you enjoy.

Writing a name and message on the bottle to make it custom.



Perfecting Your Perfume Marketing Strategy

Personalized products make your brand stand out and creates brand loyalty. It makes customers feel special because your brand is taking their interests into account. Fragrance brands like Waft can increase customer retention by leveraging personalization in their perfume marketing strategy. Customers can craft a different scent for their various activities and seasons. Other companies can adapt to consumer’s needs and create personalized products to increase their sales. Learn how to improve your luxury marketing strategy by using Synthesio to monitor sentiment, set up alerts, and increase ROI.