Pokémon Go: Gotta catch ‘em all!


In the few weeks that it’s been around, Pokémon Go has risen to the top of trending topics on social media, with more daily users than Pandora Radio, Twitter, Netflix, Google Hangouts and Spotify Music.

What are Pokémon Go users talking about?

The game gained such a large following immediately after launch that it wasn’t able to support the massive amount of users, and had its first major crash on Saturday. Active users turned to social media to express their frustration about the game being down.




We used our Social Listening platform to pull key demographic insights about Pokémon Go enthusiasts. First, we analyzed user interests based on their Twitter profiles. Let’s take a look at what users were interested in:


Words like: Youtube, writer, world, love, music, Instagram all seem to be popular word choices for the fans of the game. Perhaps, to make the game more interactive, developers may look into what the fans like. Maybe starting a business in the game itself? Or having varying food treats for their Pokémon.

How are users playing? By Android or iOS? According to our social data, Android is in the lead at 76%. Did you know that Sprint is exempting Pokémon Go from data plans?



Top Pokémon Breakdown:



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