Gleaning the most meaningful, actionable insights from Social Data requires filtering out noise, deriving useful strategic data and then sharing throughout the organization.

While many tools, like Synthesio, are built and designed in ways to make it as easy as possible for you to sift through the Social Data to find what is useful, it is impossible for a platform to totally filter out the “noise” (or what we call non-useful Social Data).

In order to help you better understand how to sift through that data, below are a select three different strategies that our customers have found useful to help make sense of their Social Data in a way that allows them to derive meaningful and strategic insights to bring back to the organization.

Audience Segmentation & Profiling:

Social Data provides information that can help you understand your audience in ways that you never could before, you just have to be able to find it. For example, want to know how a specific demographic reacts to your messaging? You can find that data easily with a proper Social Intelligence tool. Want to be able to know who your most brand-loyal fans are? That too is very easy to do.

In other words, your Social Data is trying to tell you everything you need to know about your audience, allowing you to segment different groups of your audience, create unique and strategically tailored messaging and outreach and better be able to use your data to know who you are reaching.

New Product Development:

Social Media is the greatest free focus group available to every business, and what better way to use that Social Data than to drive innovation. One great way to sift through the massive amounts of Social Data that you are collecting is to filter down to just hearing about what people are saying that they wish your product or business offered. This is an invaluable way for your organization to continue to innovate, create new things that your consumers love and gain an understanding of what your product or business is lacking.

Competitive Intelligence:

In addition to understanding what your product or business is lacking in the eyes of your consumers, wouldn’t it be nice to know what they think about your competitors? Social Data can answer that for you. While it’s great to use a Social Intelligence tool to just track your brands, it is also crucial to track your competitors. Filtering your Social Data to show you your competitors’ data will help you better understand how your competitors are doing, especially in comparison to you.

One of the more immediate successes for your business’ bottom line, is to monitor negative customer feedback about your competitors, at which point you can then reach out to them and try to offer them your services, knowing what exactly they are looking for and what they are unhappy about with their current service.

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