Social influencer marketing is consumer driven marketing that brings value to your brand. It forms a stronger connection between your company and your target audience. But where do you start with your influencer strategy journey?

It is imperative to do due diligence and uncover your top consumer identities. Once you find out who your top consumers are, and reveal their demographics and psychographics, you can take a more holistic view of what type of influencers work best for your company. Social listening platforms like Synthesio can help uncover granular insights about companies and their audiences and even suggest top influencers surrounding your brand. We decided to take a look at the top travel influencers on social media to see why their influencer strategies work so well.


Type of Influencers

Social influencer marketing is successful because there are different types of influencers to choose. Your company should consider what influencer type would reflect the most positively with your brand and get the most engagement.

One of the highest influencer levels is celebrity followed by mega, lower-level, and everyday influencers. Their scale is determined based on their social media following. Every day and micro influencers are becoming increasingly popular and have a significant impact on their followers. Consumers trust influencers opinions and have built an online relationship with the influencer’s brand.

Travel influencers document their experiences and share their journey with their followers. People follow them from country to country as they scroll through their social media feed. Creating and keeping interest is what larger influencers like Eric Rubens specialize in. With 382K followers on Instagram and about 2,900 and growing on Twitter. Here’s some of the content that works well for him on Instagram.

Connection Point For Your Brand

The right influencer acts as the connection point for your brand. The top mentioned travel influencer, Eric Rubens is genuine with his audience and posts content that is true to his brand. Influencers with a large following can cut through the noise better than brand advertisements and bring a stronger awareness to your brand.

Your company can see who are the top accounts following their influencers which allows brands to understand why one influencer could be ranking higher than the others.

Social Influencer Marketing: Picking the Right Platform

With so many platforms out there it is imperative to determine which one performs best for your brand and the type of content you want your influencer to share. Our awareness widget shows what platform each influencer is getting the most attention.

Measure Global Reach

Most people use Instagram or Facebook to check in at a location whether it be in a post or a tag in their story. This is another connection point between them and your brand or company. It can attract new people looking for visually pleasing places to visit with friends or people looking to capture that Instagrammable moment. Which ties into the fantasy that social media provides and one thing that makes the travel influencer industry so appealing to followers. Here are a few mentions regarding the top travel influencers and what their followers think from across the globe.


Why Social Influencer Marketing Works

Social media influencers go beyond building awareness and recall for your brand. They provide a way to get your message across without making your target audience skeptical or sounding spammy.

Top travel influencers like Eric Rubens, Chris Burkard, and Alex Strohl, create content that appeals to their followers. Mainly males aged 18-25 years old. By knowing your audience, your company can make sure that your influencers are providing the right attention. And the most value for your goals leading to an increase in ROI. Find out how the travel and tourism industry uses Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to make a smarter influencer strategy.