It’s Singapore Grand Prix 2018 weekend. Lewis Hamilton, chasing his fifth world title, dominated the Marina Bay Street Circuit last year after Sebastian Vettel crashed out on the first lap. Will we see similar drama again this year? Who knows?! What we do know is that the Grand Prix is the highlight of Singapore’s sporting calendar and a huge marketing opportunity for brands to leverage. But who should they be targeting? We used our social insight tool, Synthesio Profiler, to understand the characteristics of Singapore Grand Prix fans in Singapore and its neighbors — Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about the Formula One audience…

Social Insight #1: Gender

When looking at the population, there are more men than women — 57% compared to 43%. Our first discovery was, perhaps unsurprisingly, that 78% of Singapore Grand Prix fans are male. This compares to just 22% of females, who show little interest in the sport.

Social Insight #2: Age Breakdown

Overwhelming the majority of Singapore Grand Prix fans are between 25 and 34 years old — 62.9% to be exact. Our oldest age group is the least enthusiastic, with just 1.5% of 65+-year-olds showing an interest. Interestingly, this is similarly matched at the other end of the scale. Only 2.7% of fans fall into the youngest age group, 18-24 years old.

Social Insight #3: Favourite Brands

Singapore Grand Prix fans show a strong affinity for Singapore Airlines, the most favored service brand of the audience. This is excellent news for the airline, who has been the headline sponsor for the Singapore Night Race since 2014. These fans also show a very strong affinity for banks and financial services brands which make up the rest of the top 5 favourite brands.


Turning to product brands, 4 out of the 5 most favored by Singapore Grand Prix fans are automotive brands — namely Mitsubishi and Suzuki Ertiga. Our analysis also revealed that their favourite clothing brands are Guess, Adidas, and Levis. The electronics brand they are most interested in is Sony.

Social Insight #4: Top Events

Aside from Formula One (25.8% consider it their favourite sporting event), Singapore Grand Prix fans also enjoy football and specifically the FIFA World Cup at 14.6%.

Outside of sport, we found that Singapore Grand Prix fans also enjoy attending concerts and music festivals. This passion hasn’t gone unnoticed. At the Singapore Grand Prix, it isn’t all about the races big international music acts perform throughout the race weekend.

Social Insight #5:  Where Brands Can Reach Them

Social insight tools help you identify the best media to reach your audience and promote your products. 68.5% of Singapore Grand Prix fans read Time magazine. Automotive magazine “Off The Road” is also favored. Both of these are key publications to reach the target audience.


Moving onto social networks, Facebook is the most relevant network to reach Singapore Grand Prix fans — 68.5% use it. We also identified that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder, and CEO, is the number one influencer for the audience.

A social insight tool like Synthesio Profiler enables brands to understand the specific characteristics of their target audiences, ultimately driving smarter, data-backed campaign planning. Learn more about our audience insights tool or request a personalized demo.