The viral hashtag #trashtag has recently sparked attention across social media. The “Trash Tag Challenge” encourages people to clean up trash in their communities. People all around the world are cleaning up areas around them and posting before and after images across social media.

The challenge became viral in a Facebook post made by Byron Román where he encouraged “bored teens” to get outside and clean up their communities. Soon after Román shared the post, thousands of people across the world posted photos and videos to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, showing themselves cleaning up beaches, parks, schools, streets, and more. The post now has about 329,000 shares and 98,000 likes on Facebook.

Social Insight on #Trashtag

According to our social media intelligence tool, we can see that the “Trash Tag Challenge” is mostly being discussed by the 18-25 age range. Social insight on this data reveals that the youth are bringing the most awareness around the challenge. It was initially targeted towards young adults, and they seem to be receiving the message well by promoting positive social action across social media.

The insights tree shows that the discussion around the challenge contains mostly positive sentiment. The insights tree helps to conduct social insights by displaying which topics are driving this trending hashtag. By keeping track of social insights, you can see which topics are generating the most discussion across social media.

The impact of #trashtag is present across social media. Many of the before and after pictures show a significant difference in garbage-strewn areas. The social media challenge also raises awareness around the scale of litter and ocean plastic that consumes our environment.

After a few dangerous viral challenges such as the Cinnamon Challenge and the Tide Pod Challenge, it is a refreshing change to see the Trash Tag Challenge taking over the internet. #Trashtag shows us the impact that social media has on getting communities together to contribute to a good cause. Social media represents a growing medium that could rapidly bring about more awareness and promote positive social action. One small share on social media can turn into a large movement for a good cause, such as #trashtag.

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